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The Hidden Consequences of Mass Belief Systems on the Global Mind

Thoughts have a power of their own and mass beliefs effect the global mind. The power of the effect depends on various factors such as the closeness between the individual mind's own belief structure in vibration to the mass beliefs and so on.

Famous and influential people usually have more influence on global society than the average person. However it is their very fame that may make them more susceptible to mass beliefs about themselves.

Such a person can be shielded by particular archetypal imagery and associated activities to channel the viewing semiconscious minds in particular, less harmful directions. However, contrary stories in the media for example, whether true or not, may attract malign attention with corresponding negative thought force effects.

According to the theory of archetypal projection, we get the leaders that we "deserve". We should heal our own internal energies connected with politics and leadership. We should also bless and wish well all leaders. This will help protect them from possible clouds of darkness and limiting unhealthy thoughtforms projected onto them by the mass of the population.

We want to gently make people aware of a truth about reality. If we fervently affirm a belief that has negative implications then we may be inadvertantly acting in a way that is not in accordance with the highest good for ourselves and the world.

For example we may believe that the world is in the Kali Yuga-the age of darkness. Variations of that belief believe that the world WILL be in trouble and strife, that truth and goodness will be diminished and corruption will be strong. If many people take on this belief their own thought force will contribute to those negative things in the world.

We may believe that we are only physical beings and that humans are inherently selfish and prone to conflict. If many people take on this belief, their thought force, according to the theory may disrupt the mind/body/spirit connections, causing an unhealthy bias towards the material realm and so on.

We may believe that ours is the only true religion and that those with other beliefs ARE in darkness. Variations on this belief affirm that most of the world is being misled by demonic influences and will go to hell. If many people believe this, then their thought force will have negative effects on most of the world and will incline weak, misguided souls to the (in reality temporary) hell realms.

We may believe that criminals can never be reformed. The thought-force generated by such beliefs may hinder or prevent the reformation of misguided and weak minded individuals. Remember, if they believe that they are born bad, and cannot change, then positive change is less likely to happen within them and mass beliefs may reinforce this in a detrimental way.

There has to be a balancing act between useful alerting/honestly describing a condition of reality and the forceful imposing that possibly misguided belief onto as many people as possible.

If we say bad things about particular groups then we are casting a negative propaganda over that group. We are creating or contributing towards a mass negative thoughtform that is not beneficial to the group or the Global Mind. By creating or "darkening" a stereotype for that group we are making a stereotypical trap whereby susceptable members of that group may fall into and embody it.

Are you all knowing,omniscient? If not then it is suggested that you do not hold onto your beliefs so stongly. This advice is to help prevent you from projecting powerful false beliefs which may have a malign effect on yourself and global society. Clear, non-biased investigation into your own beliefs may reveal for you deeper, more beautiful levels of truth. Sometimes you may be surprised that what you had believed before turns out to have been wholly or partially wrong.

According to the theory, there is a hierarchy of thought force emitters. At the highest level, enlightened beings and mystics, have the most powerful, though subtle effect. Although their view of reality is very accurate and "true", slight discrepancies and bias still effect them. Due to their mastery over lower levels of their being, their great purity and the greater lifeforce, their thought-force is highly powerful and ripples through all the lower levels with imperceptable and invisible influence. The greatest masters are almost entirely beyond thought and have an inner life of profound and mystic blissful silence. Highly spiritual beings not at the highest level have more thoughts and more variety of subtle errors in their thinking.

The next level are occultists and magickians, who often have developed intellects and have partially awakened psychic and spiritual faculties. For these reasons their thought force is stronger than average. Added to this, beings in this class often employ techniques to strengthen their will, awaken their higher faculties and imbue themselves with extra life force. All of this increases the strength of their thought force. However whether this strengthing of their thought force is beneficient or malign regarding themselves and global society varies greatly sependent on many factors. Another consideration regarding this class of beings is that they sometimes employ deliberate techniques to influence global society such as individual or group rituals designed to harness thought force for specific purposes.

The next level in the hierarchy of thought force emitters are the intellectuals. They range from those with a midlevel development of their intellectual faculties and very little development to higher faculties to those very much focused and active intellectually. Especially in this age the majority in this class dismiss the higher levels of consciousness in various ways. Although

The next level is those primarily emotional and the lowest level regarding the hierarchy of thought force are those primarily instinctive.

Although the beings in the lower levels are individually weak emitters of thought force influence, collectivelly they are by far the largest numerically and thus together as a group, can influence powerfully. In reality though this collective power is manipulated by the intellectuals and occultists by various means such as proppaganda. This is not necessarily negative or positive.

You are here: Home location Healing Society location The Hidden Consequences of Mass Belief Systems on the Global Mind

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