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Deep Musings into Conceptual Science

Here are some of my personal ideas along with some relatively well known ones very loosely organised together in tables. It should be noted by the casual reader that, especially in this disorganised presentation, the ideas may be misunderstood. As an example, the "mind is matter" idea may be assumed to mean that consciousness arises from the physical brain. It really means that the physical, energy and consciousness levels are all different expressions of one Universal "substance". The phrase "mind is matter" is used to indicate that mind follows the same universal laws as grosser expressions of the One substance, ie physical matter: such laws as the law of equilibrium and the law of sympathetic vibration for example.
Mind is Matter.
Matter continually moves towards equilibrium.
Mind moves from places of fullness to places of emptyness.
A "lighter mass" personality is changed more easily.
Only the ego is hungry.
Pushing away implies location, a center. This is a fallacy.
Beliefs are dissipative structures.
The ego is a dissipative structure.
Like frequency atracts like frequency.
Opposite pole atracts opposite pole.
As above so below.
"Importance" as low pressure ie attracts atention.
"Importance" as opposite pole ie attracts atention
"Importance" as same frequency ie attracts atention
Because "It" is repressed it becomes low pressure.

In reality all concepts are at one.
A thought(or belief) is a linear string of matrix fragments.
Every State is a matrix of barriers and vehicals to every other state.
Beliefs exist is pseudo space/time.
Subjectively concept continuums have relative relationships with each other.
No Concept is actually pushed away. I am simply connecting it with the concepts of "Rejected now/far from center" etc.
The mind constructs countless connections and seperations between the concepts. This construction is the mind's perceived reality-inner and outer.
In truth all concepts arte at one beyond time and space.
Every Conection created spawns a corresponding Seperation and vice versa.
The construction changes in 2 ways: either a new connection/seperation is created or a creation/seperation is destroyed(or rather ceases to be maintained).
Every thought is a construction and destruction of many such connections and seperations.
Simpler connection/seperation constructs (ie self/non-self, existence/non-existence and past/future) are the foundation and cause of the more complex constructs. The more complex the construct the more unstable and transient(*see open systems) Therefore the simpler the construct the more long lasting and stable it will be.
The perfect simplicity is the absence of any constructs/partitions. It is eternal and not subject to change.
Inner and outer reality are a simultaneus reflection of the present mental construct.
When the mind gives atention to a connection/seperation...
The constructs cannot support their own existence-they are constantly being maintained by the mind.
If the various systems are all fragments of a great underlying matrix then what exactly is it's structure and how do all the systems inter-relate?
Well, as we know the complex is composed of combinations of the simple. It is therefore suggested that all systems are composed of yin, yang and tao(balance). This is because they are the most basic and universal concepts.
Mind is composed entirely of partitions. It's 2 functions are the creation and destruction of partitions.
Partitions are entirely subjective?
Concepts are themselves unmoving-it is only our partition structure which changes.
Partition types form a hierarchy from the simple to the complex. The complex are formed apon the simple. The more complex the partition(stucture) the more unstable ie the more subject they are to change.
Inner and outer processes mirror each other.
Association is memory. Memory is a store of associations.
"I"=localised awareness.
Mathematics is composed entirely of partitions. It's 2 operations are are the creation or destruction of partitions. Numbers are themselves unmoving. It is only our partition structure perception which changes.
Complex partition structures (ie beliefs etc) are open systems: they need a continual input of will/perception(consciousness) to be maintained-too much or too little and they will either be destroyed or they will asscend to a higher order of complexity. Thisimplies that the ego itself is an open system.
The primary most stable partition is the self/nonself partition apon which all other partition structures are founded. Self enquiry-inquiry into the "I" concept brings the primary partition into consciousness so that it may be transcended.
Creation of a partition is an act of will. Maintainance of a partition is merely a continual moment to moment creation ie moment to moment will. When the will to maintain a partition ceases, the partition dissapears. This is the destruction of a partition. If the surrounding and (more importantly) deeper level partitions dictate it the partitions may be re-created.
Because time and space are subjective veils the whole conceptual matrix is complete at every point ie omnipresent. Therefore from the subjective viewpoint, one's entire multi-level partition structure is holographic. The creation and destruction of of one veil is reflected throughout the entire system and effects all veils/partitions.
Countless partition structures come momentarily into being. Only the structurally sound(logically consistant?) survive. One's present personality is the result of a continual "survival of the fittest" process which one's overall multi level partition structure has undergone and continues to undergo as long as it is manifest.
Simple constructs such as self and non-self, existence and non-existence and past and future are the cause and foundation of all the less simple constructs.
At the most basic level there are only 2 options.
"I" divides the universe into inside and outside. In essence concepts are not confined to inside or outside but transcend such limitations but because we see them as such preferances arise.
Atatchment to self / Detatchment from non-self.
Where does the "I" concept arise from?
Conceptual relativity____atention
A thought is a cluster of concepts.
Unity=consciousness. Clusters=semi-consciousness. Totally divided=unconsciousness.

Nano goals are unconscious....macro goals are unconscious.
Everything happens in nano goals. We are normally unconscious of nano goals. At any moment there are infinite possible nano goals. All the things you can do/think in the next second are nano goals. Some have more consequence than others.
Infinite goals available at every moment.
Every self initiated process should have a conscious goal.
Present moment goals should be in harmony with long term goals.
What are my goals? What am I willing to give up/exchange to achieve them?
A hierarchy of goals.
Take into account cycles such as yearly, weekly, 24 hour etc.
Positive feedback spiral.
Be preperared for opportunities.
How is any goal Achieved?
To have a use there must be a goal.

Ask yourself "what is freedom now?"
What is a distraction? meditation.
Love your enemies as you would love your parents. Call forth bad feelings and exorcise them.
Independent of prefference, end segrigation.
Suffering is becoming aware of a part of my nature that I do not love. How can I not love a part of my nature? and not loving how can I love again.
When perception and will are united there exists a state of universal atraction: consciousness
When perception and will are seperated there exists a state of universal repulsion: unconsciousness
Everyone wants everyone to be like everyone else.
The denial and the seeking are equal in force. The fulfilled feeling and the hunger feeling are equal in force.
The evolution trap is like travelling to the horizon.
The path is the obstruction.
When you give without need you create want.
Gradual momentum ie bad, not so bad, average, good, very good... Vs Jumpstate?
Jump States and sympathetic vibration: Don't go for the main goal just evaluate the present state and become a little better.
Do objects have intrinsic meaning?

Thoughts arise from the point of identification.
The point of identification arises from the interpetration of the self's relationship with the external events.
Interpetation arises from the perception of noticable features associated with past encounter events.

When a mind rejects a virtue it becomes atracted to it's opposite.
Virtues are seeing through fictions.
Meditate on the virtues or nothingness. When a deviation occurs meditate on the corresponding virtue.
Learn to recognise the 4 basic imbalances. As SOON as one is noticed love and atune with it's opposite.
Never project virtues forward always work on the present state.
Metaphor/analogy are forms of prejudice which obscures natural awareness.

We are like musical instruments capable of the full range of expression. When a note comes from outer reality we respond with a complimentary note, the whole forms a chord, a harmony.
Whatever situation you are in, a symphony is playing around you. If you can love and accept every note then the reponse will be fresh and relevant, forming a harmony.
Then whatsoever note meets us we remain in harmony with it. We complete a chord with it.
The Art of Venn: Conceptually, each of us are constantly in millions of groups-millions of venn circles. Our every thought and action maintains or changes our membership of these groups.
Past actions are like talismans in amber. Locking us into vibrational groups. This is karma.
Every action is a ritual.

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