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Non-Duality and Virtue Science

Non-duality is akin to absolute unity. It is too simple for the mind to get a handle on. It is your true nature. All other concepts are fragments, distortions of this ultimate reality. It is the goal beyond goals of all mystics and true seekers. It is the gateless gate.

Where then does this leave VirtueScience, which after all is concerned with these relativistic conceptual fragments, duality and division?

Some would say that VirtueScience is just another system ensnared in the illusions of duality. However the ultimate aims of this system are non-dualistic. It is a mystic truism that the intellect cannot grasp non-duality but how well can it understand duality?

It is a basic tenant of VirtueScience that the deeper a beings’ understanding of duality the “closer” they are to non-dualistic being. It therefore endeavours to deepen the true seekers dualistic understanding as an aid to “attaining” ultimate being.

Although this is the ultimate aim, it is recognised that the majority of people are not ready for this level. In fact all beings are at different levels of illumination. VirtueScience is designed to serve all beings therefore it is concerned with every level of illumination not just the highest.

At the mundane level it improves the self. The practitioner seems to gain virtues. They loose some of their lopsidedness and relax into life more. Long standing inner wounds can be dealt with.

However the wise practitioner is not content with the gaining of virtues or the healing of inner wounds. Such a person comes to recognise their true nature, which far from being a collection of virtues and abilities, is more akin to boundless space.

It must be remembered that VirtueScience is a work in progress. In fact it could be compared to a messy building site at the moment! As it develops and matures and the rubbish is cleared away, it will become useful to the more materialistic beings and paradoxically also to the more spiritual beings.

Non-duality represents a freedom from arbitrary attachments and particular personality, so any trace of the author’s personality will naturally fall away from VirtueScience as it matures. This majestic impersonality will be attained with the help of people maybe like you. This system will become more and more beneficial for all beings that need it.

You are here: Home location Non-Duality location Non-Duality and Virtue Science

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