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Opportunity Magnet 101 by James Barton
Dear friend,

Allow me to introduce you to Opportunity Magnet 101-the life changing ebook. Rarely do such true life enhancing products appear on the market. OM 101 is now available as an instant download ebook in PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format.

Unleash a stream of golden opportunities into your life!
Create your own opportunities like never before!
Maximize your ability to recognize hidden opportunities!
Discover the secret laws of Opportunity!
Learn how to easily seize the best opportunities of your life!
+ Much More!

A complete course in the art and science of attracting and benefiting from the best opportunities
101 carefully selected inspiring quotes focused on Opportunity
101 thought-provoking questions to turbo-charge your Opportunity Magnet mindset!
101 Positive affirmations that will awaken your natural success potential

This is a great book that you will refer to again and again. It features 10 exciting main chapters broken up into 79 mini chapters that are easy to understand and digest. Instant Download in PDF format for easy printing


Transform your life by attracting a never ending stream of golden opportunities!

What can owning this book do for you?
(1) Banish boredom. You will be surprised and delighted every day with the opportunities that come your way.
(2) Feel a great sense of peace and well being.
(3) Enjoy the feeling of satisfaction as you make the most of opportunities that come your way.
(4) Elevate your status step by step.
(5) Reveal and awaken forgotten qualities within yourself.

This book improves people's lives by unleashing beneficial opportunities day after day.
Have you ever kicked yourself when a golden opportunity slides away from you?

Never kick yourself again. The techniques in this book give you these benefits: Recognize opportunities earlier than others so that you can be the one to benefit. Attract more opportunities into your life than you ever thought possible. Create opportunities seemingly from thin air. Show you the opportunities hidden in difficult situations. Make the most of the opportunities that you have seized for yourself.

Have you been tricked before into purchasing a seemingly great offer only to find that the product is nothing more than a few poorly written articles? Well let me take all doubt away from you about this great ebook.

Opportunity Magnet 101 weighs in at over 17 thousand words, thoughtfully structured for maximum benefit to the reader. The 10 Main Chapters are broken up into a total of 79 life changing mini-chapters, quick and easy to read and yet with a depth that will satisfy the deepest of minds.

I will reveal to you the full Contents Page of OM 101 to give you a real taster of what is in store for you when you secure your copy:


1: Getting Started
(1.1) Introduction
(1.2) Defining Opportunity?
(1.3) The Power of Dissatisfaction
(1.4) What Kind of Opportunities do You Want to Attract?
(1.5) Ambition
(1.6) Don't Aim too Low in Life
(1.7) Do you Fear Success More than Failure?
(1.8) Yes! You Deserve Success
(1.9) What Do YOU really want?
(1.10) How do I get the Courage to Follow my Dreams?
(1.11) The True Value of Money
(1.12) All Positive Qualities are Within You Already

2: Become a Beacon
(2.1) Put Yourself on The Map
(2.2) Advertise What You Want
(2.3) Attract Opportunity Like a Flower Attracts Bees
(2.4) Multiple Catchment Areas
(2.5) Don't Hide Your Light Under a Bushel
(2.6) Your Spy Network
(2.7) Reward Your Opportunity Gatherers
(2.8) Gratitude
(2.9) Seek Like Minded Friends
(2.10) Be a Golden Opportunity for Others
(2.11) Ask an Expert (and an Another for a 2nd Opinion)

3: Overcoming Resistance
(3.1) Avoiding Resistance From Rivals
(3.2) Transform Negative Criticism into Opportunity
(3.3) Do Your friends and Family Secretly Want You to Fail?
(3.4) Every Difficulty Overcome Frees You from Competition
(3.5) Instead of Nourishing Negative Beliefs Smash them to Pieces
(3.6) Discard False Limitations
(3.7) Make Gains Whilst Others are Resting or Playing
(3.8) Checkmate your Inner Saboteur
(3.9) Don't Worry, Your Comfort Zone will Follow You
(3.10) Shyness is Vanity in Disguise

4: Readiness
(4.1) Be Prepared to Receive
(4.2) Always Be Ready
(4.3) Raise Your Sails
(4.4) Increase the Quality of Your Thought
(4.5) Sobriety
(4.6) Brush Up on Your Basic Skills
(4.7) Become A Mini-Expert
(4.8) Be Prepared to Dig, Prepared to Fight
(4.9) Position Yourself to Receive Opportunities
(4.10) Secure Your Resources

5: Focus
(5.1) Focus! The Well Digging Example
(5.2) Don't Spread Yourself to Thinly
(5.3) Give Up False Wants
(5.4) Renounce Petty Preferences
(5.5) Beware of Distractions
(5.6) Is a Bird in the Hand Worth Two in the Bush?
(5.7) Accept the Things That You Can't Change
(5.8) Enjoy What You Have
(5.9) Never Mourn Lost Opportunities

6: Appearances
(6.1) See Through Poor Advertising
(6.2) Always Read the Small Print
(6.3) The Power of Appearance
(6.4) Ugly Opportunities VS Beautiful Dangers
(6.5) Learn to Recognize Opportunities in Disguise
(6.6) A Little Bit Gullible
(6.7) Don't Overlook Small Gains, Small Details

7: Time and Timing
(7.1) The Early Bird Catches the Worm
(7.2) Patience and Spontaneity
(7.3) Not Too Soon, Not Too Late
(7.4) Opportunity Gathering During Sleep Time
(7.5) Past Successes and Failures

8: Locating Opportunity
(8.1) Opportunities are Everywhere
(8.2) Spiders Build Their Webs Near the Light
(8.3) Explore the Unknown
(8.4) Vigilance
(8.5) Idea Storming
(8.6) Successful and Unsuccessful People
(8.7) Growth and Decay

9: Tuning in to Opportunity
(9.1 ) The Influence of Vibrational Groups
(9.2) Fake it Till You Make It
(9.3) Visualizations
(9.4) Final Notes
(9.5) Your Chapter...

10: Supplementary Material
(10.1) 101 Opportunity Quotes
(10.2) 101 Opportunity Affirmations
(10.3) 101 Inspiring Questions


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