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The Ordering of Phenomena

The data in The Database of Number Correlations is roughly categorized in a hierarchy from unchanging mathematical properties at the top down to trivial man made number correspondences at the bottom. Here is a run down of the basic levels in the hierarchy:

Mathematical Properties

The first level lists the mathematical properties of the number. The most non-arbitary/universal properties are not related to a particular base such as base 10 so properties related to the base 10 digits are placed nearer the bottom of the list. Aproximate values such as 3.14 etc will not be included: the database is limited to integers. Eventually this section will be organised into subsections.

Numbers Related to Geometry

These are also unchanging and universal. Geometric properties are grouped together under the other mathematical properties.

Numbers Related to Physics

Physics is based on mathematics so it is placed below it in the hierarchy but it is the basis of the other sciences/all material phenomena so it is placed above them.

Numbers Related to Chemistry

Chemistry is based on physics so it is placed below physics but chemistry itself is the basis of biology so it is placed above it. The chemical elements, their isotopes and their neutron numbers are in this category.

Numbers Related to Biology

Biology is based on chemistry so is placed below it in the hierarchy. Here there will be numbers relating to the vegetable and animal kingdoms as well as numbers related to the human body.

Myth, Magick and Spirituality

The data related to myth, magick and spirituality have not been rigorously proven in the traditional scientific sense so are placed lower than science in the hierarchy of phenomena. For example the mathematical genius Ramajuan, who had an enormous impact on mathematics claimed he got inspiration from a Goddess. Many occultists and mystics have discerned by non-physical means, many mathematical and universal laws. Such people and societies have not always revealed them to the public at or have veiled them for various reasons by symbol and anology. It is my belief that there was a golden age before conventionally recorded history. The beings then had a much more profound view of the universe than we do know. However many of their deep insights have come down to us as fragments of occult lore, kabbalistic and embeded in myths and legends whos true origins remain obscure in antiquity.

Numbers Related to Trivia

Lower still in the hierarchy are numbers related to trivia such as place names, books and films etc along with games and general phenomena. Although seemingly arbitary sometimes there are hidden reasons behind the correspondences between number and trivial phenomena.

The Year AD...

The year AD in relation to the number is understood to be arbitary because the calender is a man made artificial construct. However in understanding the universe and the world around us it is useful to study history. Certain secret societies and individuals do have access to ancient number lore and sometimes initiate events in particular years for symbolic reasons. There is also the question of synchronicity where events happen around the world in the same year. Of chronological phenomena, I consider astronomical/astrological phenomena to be the most transcendental so such phenomena is placed at the top. Next geological phenomena will be listed. Apon the background of astrological and geological phenomena the dramas of the world are played out.

Overview: Properties and Meanings

As far as I know The Database of Number Correlations is unique in it's categorization and organization of phenomena by number and in a logical hierarchy.

At the moment the groupings are only rough and they may not yet be fully realized throughout the database. Eventually a more standardized format will be used. If you have any suggestions, criticisms or questions then please Contact me.

You are here: Home location The Database of Number Correlations location The Ordering of Phenomena
The Main Number Sections:
0 - 500 | 501 - 1000 | 1001 - 1500 | 1501 - 2000 | 2001 - 2500
Number Articles | Higher Numbers | Random Number

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