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Petros Xristos

Peter Lima. "Following a series of intense, spontaneous visionary experiences in the early and mid-1990s, in which Petros saw revealed various deep aspects of the true nature of self and consciousness, he embarked upon a spiritual "research mission" (as it were), visiting forty to fifty well-known teachers, gurus, and guides, and investigating numerous paths in order to better understand the motivation of the spiritual search and the needs of a wide variety of personality and karmic types. In respect of the universal traditions of mankind, Petros continutes to honor legitimate spiritual guides and believes in maintaining strong bonds of relationship with any source that provides growth and nourishment."


"From the truly enlightened point of view, real awakening must be "unconditioned" -- which is a rather philosophical way of stating that it is not something that you, as a meditator "willing" a meditation, can consciously bring into existence. Real awakening is a detachment from any sort of material or mental consideration, a letting-go of thoughts, a release of emotions, and even a sacrifice of the desire for awakening. The attitude that one takes in meditation, then, should be one of "nonwilling," nonexpectation; it means not trying to achieve any particular goal or end, but simply sitting for the sake of being still and allowing whatever things come up -- whatever images, thoughts, desires arise -- to do so without impeding them, without clinging to them, or mentally attempting to make more of them than they really are. What they are, of course, is nothing but mind-stuff, nothing but passing waves of thought. Meditation means not paying heed to these waves, but becoming identified with the ocean of which the waves are a part."

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You are here: Home location Spiritual Development location Guides, Gurus and God-Beings location Petros Xristos

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