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Prisons are related to criminality but what is criminality? What is the cause of criminality? Why do some people become criminals whilst others are good? These are very deep questions. Those who dismiss them as meaningless or unsovable or without value are in error.

Criminality is a state of confusion, a moral sickness. The priorities of a criminal are misguided-that is they are based on limited and warped experience. Ignorance and bad experiences early on can obscure the natural goodness inherent in all beings. When some people, lacking much insight, much experience are labled, they act out that label as if it was a true unalterable fact. By lack of experience I am speaking from a viewpoint recognizing the reality of reincarnation. This recognition is also important in relation to bad and seemingly unfair experiences.

Why sometimes do people from good homes who have been treated well still become criminals? This may be because they have many traumas and inner wounds deep inside them from previous lives.

Criminality should be seen relative to the man-made laws of the land and social conventions but also the universal, unchanging laws of morality. The human laws are imperfect and may actually encourage some forms of bad behavior or discourage some forms of good behavior. The universal laws are perfect and knowledge of them and understanding of them heals the sickness of criminality on a personal level and for society as a whole.

Prisons have three primary functions all related to criminality: quarantine, therapy and deterrent.


Via the law of sympathetic vibration and the desire of individuals for others to be like them (due to inner psychological pressures) + for other reasons, criminality spreads in a society from the interaction between criminals and "innocent" but morally weak/weak willed citizens. This is just like when people with a contagious disease may spread that disease to other formerly healthy people, with those having weak immune systems being the most vunerable. Therefore to reduce criminality, the criminals should be quarrantined from healthy citizens until they become sucifiently well to no longer pose the risk of contamination. When people with criminal tendencies are not in quararrintine for whatever reason they should be prevented from working with young people and other groups particularily vunerable to criminalization.

For a prison to act as an effective quarantine the prison guards themselves must be of high moral character, otherwise they may act as carriers of criminality into the wider society. To keep their "immunity" strong they should not be overworked.

The interaction between prisoners and their friends and family should be seen from the viewpoint of preventing the spread of criminality. Not only from te prisoners to the visitors but also from criminally minded visitors that may worsen the condition of the prisoner and prevent or delay moral recovery. A number of protocols should be developed to optimize the interaction between visitors and inmates.

Another part of prisons is to prevent escape. Even low level prisons should be escape proof. Another aspect of reducng escape is to reduce the desire of prisoners to escape. That means that pris on life should be tolerable and not hellish. The prisoners should be kept occupied with useful/theraputic tasks and their should be a penalties to deter escape.


Prisons should be seen as secure therapy centers for the morally sick. All the vast range of stimuli that a person may receive can be provided into 2 broad categories: that which helps moral wellbeing and that which corrupts it. Prisons should be places where corrupting influences are not allowed. For example unhealthy foods such as artificial sweetners and addictives which actually encourage brain disfunction and aggression should be banned. Meat products which lower a human being and symbolize a lack of respect for Life should be banned. Alcohol, drink and and drugs should be banned and the ban should be enforced firmly. The diet should be as pleasent and varied as possible but always within the strict boundaries presented here. Morally degenerate people also often lack wholesome nutrients such as vitamins and minerals on the physical level. This should be corrected by giving them nutrient rich food to eat. The food preperation area should be optimised and those preparing the food should be compassionate and as morrally healthy as possible for vibrational reasons. Music with violent lyrics etc should be banned. Also music with aggressive and disrepectful tones should be banned. As with food, their should be a range of pleasant music but with strict boundaries as to what is healthy and what is harmful. This implies that television and radio should be banned in prisons. I beleive that they should be banned but there should be a large range of wholsome audio and video stimuli choices to guide and enrich the minds of the prisoners.

We form buildings but they end up forming us. The actual design of the prison needs so much consideration from a security viewpoint but also from a theraputic viewpoint as well. The architects of any prison should be morally upright and compassionate. They should also understand some of the theraputic principles not usually taught in the schools of architecture. Even the materials used can make a difference: Gemstones and Public Buildings. This section of my site is also related to prisons: Living Space

By placing a few carefully selected phrases around the prison as written signs, the beneficial subliminal effects can make a huge difference to the mood of the prison. Even the name of the prison and it's inner areas can make a vast differnce over time to the attitude of the prisoners and the guards. The phrasing of inner signs, notices and warnings is also important. Along with the written word images will also play their part. A large image of a kind and virtuous scene or of an archetypal loving mother for example, prominently placed, will certainly enhance the prison as a theraputic space.

There are a vast range of theraputic techniques available for general wellbeing and to help heal moral sickness. Suitable techniques should be made available to prisoners with volunteer expert practitioners coming in to help. I have heard that Hatha Yoga was introduced into a prison but the inhabitants actually became more violent so it was stopped. This reported increase in distubances was caused by the freeing up of false social conditioning and inner tensions and blockages within the partipicants. The inner turmoil came to the surface and came out as conflict. Long repressed emotions were released. These effects prove the efficacy of techniques like Hatha Yoga. Such methods should not be stopped but they must be modified and controlled initially in order to prevent conflict within the prisons. For example some prisoners would be more suitable than others for a Hatha Yoga course. Those with less repressed emotions should be selected first. Those with a lot of reppressed anger etc may be better off with other techniques or may require additional work and possible isolation whilst undergoing therapy.


Prisons must act as deterrents to would be criminals. If they seem desirable places then they may actually encourage criminal behaviour. This means that the positives in the new prisons such as healthy food and a range of therapies etc should also be available to the general public outside the prisons as much as possible. For a prison to be an effective detterant the inmates must be more isolated from their friends and family for the duration of their sentence. Isolation from friends and family should be seen as a key deterrent. Another key deterrent is to greatly limit negative entertainments such as tv, radio, pornography and music and computer games etc. All of the entertaiment mediums should be strictly controlled for the duration of their sentence. Their brains should be kept stimulated with a variety of wholesome media. This will often sound unpleasant to would be criminals as would the ban on their usual unhealthy diet.

You are here: Home location Healing Society location Prisons

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