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You are here: Index location Financial Freedom location Redundant Vows and their Effect on Financial Security

Redundant Vows and their Effect on Financial Security

A vow is a solemn promise, a declaration or an assertion. A vow can be made (more or less) consciously as in religious vows or in the noble assertion that one will give up eating meat for example.

Vows are also made semiconsciously when in anger or despair etc. For example someone who has been hurt in love may in their emotional turmoil vow never to let anyone get that close again. The vow may be forgotten by the person but it may still be working beneath the level of consciousness to maintain the assertion. So somebody having trouble with love may be suffering from the powerful influence of conscious or semiconscious vows made in the past.

When we make an inner declaration we are setting in motion an act of will that effects our reality. Although some vows are useful and beneficial at the time, many become redundant or obsolete with the passing of time, changes of circumstance and inner growth. The problem is where the vows have vast time periods written into them such as "forever", "till the end of time" and "always" etc. Even very high minded spiritual vows can become barriers on the spiritual path later on when the individual's understanding has grown past the level of understanding that made the vow. In other words the vow has something of the original level of understanding/misunderstanding encoded within it. So even with good intentions people make long lasting limiting vows that contain harmful misunderstandings encoded in them. Redundant, obsolete and negative self limiting vows can and should be dissolved away.

What vows have you taken, either consciously or semiconsciously in this life (or possibly in a previous life) regarding money and finances? Some religous orders take vows of poverty but have you? Try and investigate yourself and uncover any obsolete vows regarding financial freedom and abbundance. In despair did you say "I will never have any money!" or "people like me will always have to struggle" etc?. These and countless other unbeneficial statements may be seen as assertions or vows in the inner realms that create your reality.

Bring into the light of your awareness the submerged vows and renounce them. Ask a Higher Power/your True Nature to help you with this. Visualize the redundant vows as chains that had held you back: now breaking and crumbling away, releasing you. Picture yourself being protected, cleansed, healed and empowered. Allow your life to change and improve. Embrace your right to financial security.

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