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Richard Sylvester

Richard Sylvester



"The most common misconception about liberation is that it is something an individual can gain. But liberation is a loss - the loss of the sense that there ever was a separate individual who could choose to do something to bring about liberation."

"You cannot earn liberation. I have not earned liberation. No one will ever earn liberation. You cannot become good enough or work hard enough or be sincere enough to deserve it. Liberation has not happened to me and it will not happen to you. Yet there is liberation. There is only ever liberation. Perfection is already here. What you are is already divine."

"The mind insists that it can bring us to personal enlightenment. And yet it has to recognise that enlightenment has still not happened. The mind can never deliver on its promise, so it says that we have not meditated enough or chanted enough mantras or shown enough devotion to the guru. Or we have not searched hard enough to find the final secret. Or of course that we have searched too hard."

"Then when liberation is seen there is an end to all searching. In liberation there is no possibility any more of there being a person who believes themself to be inadequate and who believes that they can make themself adequate through spiritual work such as meditation or devotion or study or any of the other yogas. What is seen in liberation is that there is no one who could do any of this and there is no one that any of this could have an effect on."

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