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Satyam Nadeen

Satyam Nadeen

Michael Clegg. "While in prison, he realized that a lifetime of spiritual searching had brought him no closer to the elusive state he was seeking, so he gave up trying. In surrender, he was overwhelmed with relief and bliss."


"The whole point of this tale is to assure you that it is perfectly divine to forget all about awakening and just embrace yourself and those around you as absolutely right on course—just the way you and they are."

"The awakening itself is a sudden event. It may seem like the events leading up to it I are a gradual happening, but here's what happens. Let's say we are all climbing steps toward awakening. Destiny, the handmaiden of Source, dictates that on the 697th step, so and so will be awakened. So he plows along for years and years and reaches step #692, where he starts to see the light shining over the horizon. But when step #697 is reached, POW! There it is, seemingly sudden, even though it took 696 prior steps to soften him up before he reached it. So why didn't I respond to this penetrating concept the whole time I was reading Ramana, Nisargadatta, and Poonjaji the preceding year? They all said it, more or less, though not in those exact words? Because I hadn't reached my preordained step yet. But when I "accidentally" came across a book by Ramesh and read his opening statement, there I was, just leaving my symbolic step #696 with one foot poised in midair. My whole preceding 54 years had been a softening process for this one awesome moment. The whole two years in that county jail cell had sufficiently removed any clinging to a "me" identify so that Source could now penetrate and permeate as the identify of Subject I AM THAT."

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You are here: Index location Nonduality & Spirituality location Guides, Gurus and God-Beings location Satyam Nadeen
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