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"For the sincere seekers of Truth, Satyavan is the reference of the Path. A Self-Realized Being, that helps Seekers in to the Realization of Truth. His words are precious for the soul, and have the power to crush all beliefs and ideas that feed our fears. And when He doesn’t speak, His silence is even more revealing: an overflow of love, purity, kindness, serenity. He gives the biggest treasure to the seekers, just depending on each one to be open to receive. To Be in his presence is a blessing for those who are thirsty for understanding. To be with Satyavan is to be closer to Truth." Gives Satsang.


"The True Seeker of Truth recognizes himself within the dream, but doesn't participate in the same, even if he recognizes his body/mind to be engaged in the dream, it can't be different, because these (body and mind) belong, or are the dream, however his attention is on the observer of the dream and not on the dream itself. The true seeker is rare and timeless, which means it is outside the time domain, which does not belong to a specific time, which is not distracted by appearances / circumstances because it is totally taken by the desire / need to awake! The true Seeker of Truth, is no longer interested in the dream or in the characteristics of the dream, only in awakening!"

"From the seeker's silence emerge the screams of his own illusion! The seeker of comfort avoids them, pretends they are nothing, waits for them to pass ... The seeker of truth embraces them, even if he travels to the deepest agony, he doesn't stop until he breaks free from his fears!"

"I speak from direct knowledge, these are no theories that I'm presenting you. This fire sparked in me and never stopped burning until nothing was left ... All aid (teachings) would point to silence, and I dove into it, I have plunged in the fire of my own silence."

"Modern science has proved that there is no solidity anywhere, so to what do you get attached to? And from what do you want to detach from? Forget all that nonsense, and quietly abide in your blissful nature!"

"When Consciousness awakes to itself, all illusions cease, Infinity prevails, no more quests, no more ideas, no more conceptions, only Bliss!"

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You are here: Home location Spiritual Development location Guides, Gurus and God-Beings location Satyavan

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