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Secret Societies: A Fresh Look

It is natural for a society to include secret societies within it. Secret societies have long been a feature of life on Earth and other cultures as well. Secret societies are such a powerful tool that if the ruling class of a society did not employ them then they would surely be infiltrated and overrun by other societies that did.

Apart from societies that arise from the ruling classes, as the Establishment, there are many other secret societies each with their own aims and many holding secret, esoteric knowledge as well. Sometimes this knowledge is exaggerated in order to produce an attraction and encouragement for the lower level members.

It is common that secret societies form a rough pyramid like structure. In other words there are a large number at the bottom who know a little, and as one progresses through a graded degree structure one learns more. The higher up you are within the structure there are usually less people. Near the top there are a few people in possesion of the group's secrets who control the society. Many occult and spiritual societies claim to receive influence from the non-physical realms. Some claim this to cloak themselves in glory and authority. Some actually do receive guidance from non-physical realms but are being tricked by "lower entities". There are also some secret societies who do receive useful help and guidance from advanced non-physical beings.

Some secret societies are very ancient. They are so long lived partly because of their secrecy.

It is very difficult to discern, when entering into a secret society what the actual inner aims of that society are.

Here are some of the functions that secret societies perform:

A Filter

Progressive initiation secret societies act as filters that filter out unsuitable people for specific knowledge and positions of power.

A Processor

Progressive initiation secret societies act as processors that slowly prepare people for specific knowledge and positions of power.

An Authority Legitimizer

Progressive initiation secret societies act as an authority legitimizer. By setting up a structured heirarchy where knowledge is slowly received as one progresses upwards those at the top appear crowned with an air of authority. From the viewpoint of the lower ranks those at the top are cloaked in mystery and because their knowledge levels are unknown it is difficult to challenge them.

A Vibrational Conduit

Progressive initiation secret societies act as vibrational conduits. When someone joins a group they enter into that group's vibrational field and are influenced by it. Intelligently designed initiation structures can step by step transform the initiate by attuning them to various vibrational fields. Specific vibrations are protected from the unharmonious vibrations of outsiders and so can be transmitted in purity.

Power Concealers

Progressive initiation secret societies act as power concealers. The extent of power available to a secret society cannot easily be discerned by outsiders.

Aim Concealers

Progressive initiation secret societies act as aim concealers. The real aims of the power structure are hidden from outsiders and the lower ranks.

Infiltration Delayer

Progressive initiation secret societies act as infiltration delayers. The desire of other groups to inflitrate and spy on a society varies according to circumstances. By having a long initiation path that may take years the society frustrates it's enemy's attempts at infiltration during difficult times.

I am interested in the power of vows, promises and initiations etc and how they can influence an individual. I can see that there might be dangers in been led astray and in putting unhelpful limitations on oneself even if the designer of the initiation structure was benevolent.

Was the designer a person of general good character but still possessing an ego or was he an actual enlightened being who has transcended ego?

Is it helpful to our own potential Realization to make promises which may contain the subtle misunderstandings of other unrealized beings?

You are here: Home location Healing Society location Secret Societies: A Fresh Look
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