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Siddharameshwar Maharaj

Siddharameshwar Maharaj

India. (1888-1936 A.D). "On the sixth day of his birth, his grandmother had a dream in which great Saint Siddheshwar appeared before her and told her that the boy who is born, is his incarnation and asked her to name him Siddheshwar. He also said that one day the boy will become a great Saint. And hence his name was kept Siddharamappa. Later on he was known as "Siddharameshwar Maharaj." " Guru of Sri Ranjit Maharaj and Nisargadatta Maharaj. The "Birds Way".


"One who has got the purest knowledge of the `Truth' thinks that being `bound and free' is all a joke. Where Prakriti (Illusion) moves away or ends with the name and form, there all the words become silent. Then how can any thing like `liberation' remain there? What is the meaning of "liberated". That is only a way, in which people talk. All the bondage is for him, who says he is the body. One who is a Dnyani (Realised) is free from the sense of `I'. For him `bound and liberated' is only a delusion. `Bound' and `liberated' are only concepts expressed. A concept is never true. One who has understood Maya (Illusion) is free from all fear. The one who says, "I will practise yoga after I become Brahman- then I will do something" is like the one going in search of water in a mirage. It means that such people are simply going backward and forward in a mirage. One who considers mirage as true, gets bound by it. For the man who is awake, the dream disappears. In the same way Dnyani finds this mirage which is in the form of Illusion disappear.

So far as one's own nature is concerned, the relationship of the body itself is untrue. "Trying to contemplate on one who admits of no contemplation," is not possible. As far as Brahman is concerned, no contemplation is possible. But man has a habit of seeing and contemplating something. If one cannot see or think about Self, then what can one do? If one contemplates on a thing then that thing can be known. By the nature of self, even if you want to pull it down to your mind, it can not come to the mind also. It is also not possible to discard the nature of `Knowingness'. It cannot be understood through the senses also. Then what can one do?

The Truth (Brahman) is beyond concept. When one starts meditating the trinity (of seer, seen and process of seeing) is produced. All other objects and senses are alien to us but because we ourselves are the Truth, contemplation on ourself is not possible. If contemplation is given up, great doubts overpower us. But if one thinks and deliberates upon what is everlasting and what is transient, what is self and what is not self, the Truth is revealed. We are not any of the things that exist in this world. We are also not the body. The Vedas, the scriptures, the moon, the sun -- we are none of these. We must sincerely find out who we are.

There is nothing like non-self- but it is talked of as non-self, for understanding it. Unless the `I' dies off Heaven can not be seen. Parabrahmam is non-dualistic- means we ourselves are `That'. Therefore we have to be `That' in order to know `That'. This does not require any other means- or an instrument. If we have to experience some other object, we have to see it. But because we are `That', we are by nature `That alone'. If we give up the consciousness of all the rest, then we are as we are. We have never forgotten our nature. So it is not necessary to remember it. Only if it is forgotten, then it has to be remembered. Therefore, our Nature is beyond remembering and forgetting."

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