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Stephen Wingate

Stephen Wingate

"Stephen communicates the message of non-duality which is the essential revelation of mystics, and the ancient spiritual and religious traditions. He points directly and clearly to the unicity of all life. His intention is to de-mystify the teachings of non-duality, and inspire the direct realization of oneness by all who are touched by them"


"How many times will you pound your skull against a brick wall before you realize no one can ever give you love? No one can ever love you. There is no love 'out there.' You are the only love that exists. There is no other love."

"There are no real problems. Even when you are in the depths of sorrow, tears flowing, your heart clenched tight, drowning in despair and sadness-is there really a problem? There are no real problems. Everything is welcome and free to arise in you. You are the love in which everything arises. You are that which is aware of all that arises. You are not a separate person who can suffer. There is no separate person, there is only consciousness. There is only consciousness, and consciousness is love. Everything arises in this love that you are."

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You are here: Home location Spiritual Development location Guides, Gurus and God-Beings location Stephen Wingate
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