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Tattoos and Piercings are Unhealthy

Have you ever considered that there could be some detrimental effects to having tattoos and piercings? Here are some not commonly known detrimental effects of tattoos and piercings.

Piercings and their Effect on the Etheric Body

Do piercings (including the piercing of the ear lobes) disrupt the bio-electric circuits of the human body? Consider the practice of acupuncture. The metal needles are ideally placed in exact positions for a limited period of time. This effects the flow of chi/lifeforce around the body and is designed to bring it back into harmony. Compare this to piercings where people with little or no knowledge of the life circuits and the acupuncture points pierce the body so that metal ornaments may be attached for long periods of time. As I see it this could very well deform the lifeforce flow and have a negative effect on health. Even if not noticed physically I think that there will be some negative spiritual/psychic effects.

If we view the piercing from the viewpoint of ritual we can see that it is inserting insentient matter into the more spiritualized matter of the human body thus giving strength to the material over the spiritual. Blood is said to contain an energy that is fed upon by lower entities which produce spiritual pollution-darkening the psychic atmosphere. So it is not wise to intentionally cause cuts into the flesh for the sake of appearance and vanity. Let us say that someone desires a piercing for various fear based/ego/vanity reasons. Later on in life they perform spiritual exercises to regain natural humbleness etc. The piercings created at the time of lower consciousness radiate that lower consciousness and act as a drag factor against the new spiritual aspirations.

For those who are striving towards spiritual awakening etc I recommend removing piercings and avoiding any future piercings.

Tattoos and their Detrimental Vibrational Effect

Regarding tattoos some of the warnings above also apply. When having a tattoo the image will continue to resonate with some of the energies around at the time of it's creation. What is the level of consciousness of the tattooist? If the particular tattooist/original artist used has had a bad day at the time of the tattoo creation and/or if they have a lower level of spiritual awareness than yourself then I feel that you would be linking yourself to a spiritual drag factor. If having a tattoo one should be be very careful about the symbol/image or wording used as this will effect the vibrations that you will be attracting to yourself. You may have seen people with very disturbing images and negative phrases tatooed onto themselves. Does this effect them negatively in more ways than initially thought?

Although there are many cases where having a tattoo or a piercing can have (or seem to have) a positive impact on someone's life, overall it is far better to avoid them.

Bible students might find this quote worthy of further research: "Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the LORD. Leviticus 19:28" and here is a link o an article about it:

If you already have a tattoo and it is of a positive or neutral design I wouldn't worry too much about it-a lot of of the points in this article are only very slight effects that only people really interested in optimizing their spiritual quest would be concerned about.

If you have a negative tattoo or one that you no longer like it might be worth researching into tattoo removal options.

I am interested in views that contradict my opinions on this subject and examples of any positive effects caused by getting a tattoo or piercing.

You are here: Home location The Physical Body location Tattoos and Piercings are Unhealthy

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