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Ticking Clocks

The human body has various rhythms such as the sleep/awake cycle, breathing, the heartbeat and brainwaves etc along with other more subtle rhythms, some still unknown to conventional science. Due to the universal law of sympathetic vibration, the law of entrainment, vibrations effect each other. The artificial rhythms emitted by ticking clocks and other devices have a small, but nevertheless real, disruptive effect on the human microcosm.

I feel that ticking clocks and other similar crude technology are peculiar to the Kali Yuga, the age of darkness, as such devices were not used during the Golden Age. By choosing to have such things around yourself you are atuning to the age of woe to a very small and subtle extent. Also regarding the 2 poles, the timeless and universal vs the temporary and transient, the phenomena of ticking clocks reinforces the illusion of temporality and seperateness and is not condusive to focusing one's atention on the universal.

It is therefore suggested that you reduce or eliminate ticking clocks in your own living space and especially your bedroom. Replace them if necessary with other silent time keeping devices.

If you are in a position where you cannot avoid long periods of time with ticking clocks do worry not about it. We are only concerned with gently optimising subtle variables and causing a fuss with others about it may be more detrimental to you than the artificial vibrations.

You can turn any annoying or disruptive repetitive sound that you cannot avoid into an "environmental rosary". Associate via vizualization (and with other techniques found on this site) the sound with a simple positive affirmation. Then whenever you notice the formally annoying sound you will be reminded of the beneficial affirmation and thus empower it.

You are here: Home location Living Space / Environmental location Ticking Clocks
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