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Timothy Schoorel

Timothy Schoorel

Dutch. Born in 1965 AD. In 1991, he met Alexander Smit, a Dutch sage who was taught by the famous Advaita Vedanta guru Shri Nisargadatta Maharaj.


"Because no one wants to do the wrong thing, we distrust spontaneity. We believe that spontaneity is something for very young children, but not for responsible adults. We are control-minded, we are not a spontaneous species. We try to control people, we try to control our future. Sometimes the natural thing is to take control, but control is almost an obsession for us. We need a couple of beers too many to get out from under our own control."

"Why this desire to control everything? Maybe we are afraid that there will be chaos and anarchy. When nature has its way, do we call that chaos and anarchy? Or is it natural balance and natural harmony? We do not trust our intelligence to flow freely. We do not trust our nature. Our nature is imprisoned by a controlling mind. Why not base your life in spontaneity, in freedom of expression, in the excitement of not knowing how you might respond next... Trusting it, not being afraid of it. It would be smarter to trust nature instead of fearing it and being suspicious of it."

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You are here: Home location Spiritual Development location Guides, Gurus and God-Beings location Timothy Schoorel
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