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Treasure Hunting

Treasure hunting may seem to some people a fanciful way of making some money nevertheless treasure hunting principles may well provide you with some income. It is a fact that there are many valuables hidden away and forgotten in probably evey country of the world ranging from deposits of vast wealth to pocket change. Some "treasures" are deliberately hidden whilst others are lost accidentally. Every day people around the world are finding items of value that add to their financial security and freedom. Would you like to improve your odds of claiming your share?

Start in Your Home!
Begin to get your self into the treasure hunter's mind set by scanning your home for lost valuables. Look down the back of chairs and sofas and underneath them. Investigate cupboards with new eyes. Check your coat and trouser pockets. Empty the glove compartment of your car. You might be surprised to find a few dollars that you didn't know that that you had along with other long forgotten items of interest.

Evaluate What You Already Have
If you have any unusual furniture, ornaments, books or sports memorabilia make an effort to get them valued. At the least check out and see what similar items are going for.

Eyes Down!
When travelling on foot make it a positive habit to scan the ground to look for coins and notes and any other valuables. Coins, banknotes and jewelery are dropped every day in a big city. By being aware of that fact and looking for such items then you are vastly increasing your chances of finding them.

Ask Yourself 'Where?' and 'When?'
What locations are the most likely to have lost coins and notes in them? Near restaurants and bars late at night/early in the morning may be good places to look as people are much more likely to drop coins/banknotes when drunk. Please consider your own safety as a priority though and do not frequent unsafe areas. What about fairgrounds where people may be whizzing around upside down on fairground rides?-it is worth looking around such areas. I have heard that car parks are good places to look for diamonds and other gemstones. That is because people are known to sometimes knock their hands as they are opening their cars and the unsecure gemstones can ping out of their ring settings. Regarding banknotes look for places where the wind has gathered leaves together. That is where banknotes would also end up if the wind is stroong enough to carry them along.

Hotel Room Stashes
If ever you are in a hotel room have a look in likely places where previous occupants may have stashed some money. Where would you stash a roll of bank notes if you had to? Sometimes previous occupants stash their money because they are worried about someone stealing in it- only to forget where they had stashed it or maybe some other event prevented them from recovering it. What places would the average cleaning lady miss? I have read that some treasure hunters have been rewarded with finding hundreds of dollars for their curiosity and determination.

Ancient Treasures
In the past people buried treasure for various reasons such as fearing an invasion etc. Try and see the world from their viewpoint. Where would they hide their treasure? Look at old maps to give yourself a feel for the area. Research the history of the area to provide clues that suggest buried treasure. Examine the environment. People who bury treasure are likely to bury it in relation to landmarks such as an old tree or a standing stone-to help them locate it again when necessary. Look for circular dips in the ground or slight mounds that could indicate that the ground has been disturbed due to something been buried.

Psychic Help?
I believe that it is worth considering the use of a pendulum, dowsing rod or a genuine psychic to help give you the edge when searching for specific treasures.

What someone has found in first year of metal detecting


You are here: Home location Financial Freedom location Treasure Hunting

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