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Universal Veiling Techniques

To shed light on an area of life we focus our attention on it and study it deeply. Slowly but surely we gain awareness of and control over an area that we had previously been unconscious.

An example of a suitable subject for such a study is the Universal Veiling Techniques. How are things concealed? What methods does nature use to hide and obscure? By increasing our awareness of this subject we may better protect ourselves from the damaging attention of others and we empower ourselves to see through the illusions of this world.

Most people deceive themselves and hide essential truths from themselves because of fear and ignorance. This self deception is invariably damaging and self limiting. What tricks does your mind employ to conceal things from you and perpetuate your delusions?

Internally and externally, for good and for ill, the same few basic veiling techniques are used everywhere, that is why we call them universal.

Thus we can learn from nature. We can learn from the animal kingdom for example, many universal martial tactics including the Universal Veiling Techniques. The other exploration method that we can use is the VirtueScience principle of opposite concepts. If we see that we may conceal our move by making it very fast so as to bypass the opponent's attention then the principle suggests that moving very slowly will also be some kind of veiling technique. Nature confirms this with many real life examples. Consider a predator that slowly creeps towards it's prey. The very slowness reduces the chance of the prey's attention being drawn to the predator. Moving slowly so as not to draw attention is a universal veiling technique. This does not apply only to physical movement (to physical advances and retreats etc) it applies to all kinds of change.

We can see how moving very fast and moving very slow are conceptually opposite and are both veiling techniques. They are often both used within a strategy at different times ie the practitioner may move very slowly so as not to attract attention. Then when an objective is in range they move lightening fast to bypass the opponent's attention.

Along with nature another good place to study veiling techniques is with magicians. They also use many universal techniques in order to hide the reality of their actions so as to produce the illusion of magic powers. They misdirect the audience's attention with superflous gestures, loud bangs, bright flashes and beautiful assistants at just the right time then they perform an action which is so quick as to be not noticable.

Here are a few more universal veiling techniques:

Camourflage: make the colours and patterns of the object to be concealed blend in with the surrounding background. Break up the object's outline to make it unrecognizable.

Opportunism: Perform the action when the enemy is distracted by something else.

Many Decoys: Create many objects that look similar to the one that is to be concealed. For example to conceal the Holy Grail in a room, you could put in hundreds of other similar looking cups in the same room. This would confuse and delay the seeker. If there was treasure buried under a tree with a red symbol painted on it, you could make note of a different characteristic of the tree and then paint hundreds of other trees with the same symbol.

Covering Your Tracks: For example using a branch to brush away your footprints.

Leaving False Tracks: For example dropping an item a short distance up one way in a fork in the road and then going up the other way.

Fogging the Medium: The medium is an intervening substance through which something else is transmitted or carried on. For example the space between you and the observer through which light travels. By filling that space with smoke for example you will be concealed. In nature the squid might squirt out ink which makes the surounding water difficult to see through.

In the new Shhhhh martial art it is suggested that you make as full a possible list of the Universal Veiling Techniques and then organise them into a symmetrical conceptual matrix.

You are here: Home location Universal Tactics and Self Defence location Universal Veiling Techniques

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