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You are here: Home location Conceptual Science location The Universal Conceptual Matrix

The Universal Conceptual Matrix

Thought Experiments in aid of genuine Universiality

A tree in itself is empty of meaning. Any meaning it has for some one is entirely subjective-that is, it is projected onto the tree by them semiconsciously from within. It is a temporary relationship"percieved" by them for a limited period of time.

Imagine someone was firing arrows at you but you were safe behind a tree. To you the tree would represent shield. From the tree's hyperthetical point of view you would represent the shielded. To your attacker the tree would represent obstruction.

Other examples: if you were a farmer clearing the land it may represent rubbish. To a bird nesting in it it might represent home. Someone with hayfever might see it as mild poison. A builder would see it as raw materials. an insect might see it as food and a "look out" might see it as vantage point.

There are literally countless possible relationships a being may take part in-indeed the whole universe is a vast interconnected web of such relationships. They are however, all permutations of a small number of conceptual primes. These conceptual primes, far from being temporary and subjective are eternal and unchanging just like the laws of mathematics. Not only are they transcultural, they also transcend species: wherever there is dualistic consciousness they are used as a kind of common currency, the very foundation of all communication, internaly within a being or externally between beings.

They are an alphabet of meaning from which all other conceptual "words" and "phrases" etc are built by combination and permutation.

The last sentance was a key one: It implies that we may utilise the tools of mathematics to map and catagorize the concepts.

Distinct levels of Conceptual Complexity.

Let us say, hyperthetically, that there are 12 conceptual primes: that is 12 concepts which cannot be decomposed into simpler concepts. This would represent the simplest level of conceptual complexity.

The next level of conceptual complexity would contain every conceptual compound composed of exactly two conceptual primes. Mathematically the number of conceptual compounds on the second level is equal to the the triangular number which corresponds with number of conceptual primes on the first level. In other words the relationship number(ie the number of possible relationships) for a set of things is always equal to the triangular number of that set.

Number of Conceptual Primes Number of First level Conceptual Compounds
1 0
2 1
3 3
4 6
5 10
6 15
7 21
8 28
9 36
10 55
11 66
12 78
... ...

You are here: Home location Conceptual Science location The Universal Conceptual Matrix
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Stickers and Magnets via RedBubble
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