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Wulf Zendik

Wulf Zendik


"The Artist, the free-flyer, the person that dares to be mad can always go back to that madness. You cannot corner that person. That person has an instrument, has a piece of paper, has a pencil, has two dollars worth of dime store paint, has some sand on the beach... That person can always go for Truth. You cannot corner that person. You can lock them in solitary and they'll scratch it on the wall, and if you cut off their hands, they will scratch it in their mind."

"So long as one desires to escape Pain, or pursue Pleasure, or evade boredom, or to be excited (just so long as these desires, to be or not to be, prevail), just so long are we Cosmically useless; powerless. There is only one cogent, power-generating aspiration: It is Truth: Truth in any form discernible and any form discoverable. Yet Truth comes to the Seeker like a thrust in the Pineal Eye and a kick in the Chakran Gut."

"The only political design that will work, would ever have worked, is one for an open-ended society established on a philosophy that declares that each member of the Human Family must accept absolute responsibility for the health and welfare of all things within its comprehension; you see, accept responsibility for all the stuff within the scope of its expanding objective consciousness. This is what I've termed Cosmic Responsibility and it's the basis of Ecolibrium."

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You are here: Home location Spiritual Development location Guides, Gurus and God-Beings location Wulf Zendik
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