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Speculations on the Tree of Life

Does the structure of the tree of life have any underlying logic to it connecting it to any other system or structure? Here are a couple of suggestions.

The Tree of life and the Eight Trigrams

The Tree of life and the Eight Trigrams
The eight trigrams may correspond to sephiroth 2-8 of the tree of life. Note for example that the Sun Sephiroth fits well with the trigram composed of 3 yang lines whilst the Moon Sephiroth corresponds with the trigram composed of three yin lines. The central/neutral Tao may correspond with sephiroth 1: Kether and sephiroph 10: Malkuth. Both are on the central neutral column and both correspond numerically with number 1(ie 10=1+0=1). The trigrams are not positioned arbitrarily: each is placed so that it opposes its opposite and thus cancels out to neutral/tao.

Another Tree of Life

The Triangle based Tree of Life

The basic geometric shape of a triangle composed of 6 smaller triangles may correspond with the (from bottom to top) "1,1,2,1,2,2,1" structure of the Tree of life.
Triangle Based Tree of Life
Note that not all the traditional pathways are illustrated here. Those interested will copy the diagram themselves and do their own research. The above diagram contains 9 lines +the 10 sephiroth equalling 19

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