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Geological Events

11 AD - China's Huanghe (Yellow River) changed its course, creating a disaster as it inundates fields in one of the country's most densely populated regions.

62 AD - an earthquake shattered temples and other structures in southern Italian towns such as Paestum and Pompeii, killing an estimated 20,000

79 AD - Mount Vesuvius on the Bay of Naples erupted and continued for 3 days

115 AD - an earthquake in Syria damaged Antioch. The local bishop was held responsible (he will be martyred and remembered as St. Ignatius

151 AD - Mytilene and Smyrna were destroyed by an earthquake

422 AD - The walls of Rome's Flavian Amphitheater (Colosseum) cracked during an earthquake

502 AD - Rome's Colosseum suffered damage from an earthquake

508 AD - Rome's Colosseum suffers further damage from an earthquake

513 AD - Mount Vesuvius erupted and buryed Pompeii under lava, mud, and ashe

518 AD - an earthquake destroyed the Illyrian (Macedonian) city of Scupi

526 AD - an earthquake shattered Antioch, killing between 200,000 and 300,000 people

536 AD - A "dry fog" covered the Mediterranean region throughout the year, ushering in the most severe winter in memory. Volcanic dust is the cause, possibly from an eruption in the East Indies.

543 AD - Disastrous earthquakes shaked much of the world

803 AD - Fierce storms lashed the west coast of Ireland, killing close to 1,000

851 AD - Rome had a violent earthquake that damaged Pope Leo's 4-year-old Leonine Wall and further destroyed the Colosseum

856 AD - an earthquake at Corinth killed an estimated 45,000 Greeks

856 AD - an earthquake at Damghan, Iran killed an estimated 200,000

893 AD - an earthquake at Ardabil, Iran killed about 150,000 people

1138 AD - an earthquake at Aleppo, Syria claimed lives of aprox 230,000 people

1290 AD - an earthquake at Chihli, China killed about 100,000 people

1319 AD - an Armenian earthquake shatters the city of Ani.

1556 AD - an deadly earthquake at Shaanxi (Shensi) province, China killed aprox 830,000

1667 AD - an earthquake at Shemakha, Caucasia killed about 80,000 people

1693 AD - an earthquake at Sicily, Italy killed about 60,000 people

1596 AD - an earthquake in Japan; several cities made ruins, and thousands perished.

1707 AD - a tsunami caused by an earthquake in Japan drowned aprox 30,000

1727 AD - an earthquake at Tabriz, Iran killed about 77,000 victims

1755 AD - in Portugal: earthquake, fires, and Atlantic tsunami leveled Lisbon and was felt as far away as southern France and North Africa; 70,000 killed

1782 AD - South Sea, China: tsunami killed 40,000

1783 AD - in Calabria, Italy: a series of 6 earthquakes over two-month period caused massive destruction, killing 50,000

1783 AD - in Iceland: Laki volcano erupted. Haze from eruption resulted in loss of island's livestock and widespread crop failure

1792 AD - in Kyushu Island, Japan: collapse of old lava dome during eruption of Unzen volcano caused avalanche and tsunami that killed an estimated 14,300 people. (Most were killed by the tsunami.) Japan's greatest volcano disaster.

1811 AD - an earthquake reversed the course of the Mississippi River, North America

1815 - Volcano Tambora errupted in Netherlands Indies (Sumbawa, Indonesia)

1877 AD - in north-central Ecuador the eruption of Mt. Cotopaxi caused severe mudflows that wiped out surrounding cities and valleys

1883 AD - Krakatau errupted in Indonesia and caused a tsunami on Java and Sumatra, killing more than 36,000

1886 AD - a magnitude 7.3 earthquake in Charleston, S.C

1896 AD - an earthquake and tidal wave killed 27,000 in Sanriku, Japan

1902 AD - Soufrière volcano erupted at St. Vincent, West Indies devastating one-third of the island

1902 AD - Mt. Pelée erupted (Martinique, West Indies) and wiped out the city of St. Pierre

1906 AD - an earthquake hit San Francisco

1908 AD - at Messina, Sicily: city totally destroyed by earthquake and resulting tsumami

1915 AD - an earthquake left 29,980 dead in Avezzano, Italy

1920 AD - a magnitude 8.6 earthquake killed 200,000 in northwest China, Gansu province

1923 AD - in Japan: magnitude 8.3 earthquake destroyed one-third of Tokyo and most of Yokohama. More than 140,000 killed.

1927 AD - a magnitude 8.3 earthquake claimed approximately 200,000 victims near. Xining, China

1932 AD - a magnitude 7.6 earthquake killed approximately 70,000 in Gansu, China

1933 AD - an earthquake in Long Beach, California

1935 AD - in Pakistan: an earthquake at Quetta killed 30,000–60,000

1939 AD - in Chile: an earthquake razed 50,000 sq mi; about 30,000 killed.

1939 AD - in northern Turkey: severe quakes destroyed the city of Erzingan; about 100,000 casualties

1948 AD - a magnitude 7.3 earthquake destroyed the city of Ashgabat, Turkmenistan:

1950 AD - an earthquake affected 30,000 sq mi in Assam, India

1960 AD - a quake near Concepción, Chile, May 22 registers 9.5 on the Richter scale and creates seismic waves (tsunamis) that shatter every coastal town between the 36th and 44th parallels.

1960 AD - an earthquake at shallow depth just under Agadir, Morocco, February 29 registers only 5.9 on the Richter scale but kills between 10,000 and 15,000

1964 AD - the strongest earthquake ever to strike North America (9.2 magnitude) hit 80 mi east of Anchorage, Alaska; followed by a seismic wave (tsunami)

1970 AD - a magnitude 7.7 quake killed 15,621 at Yunnan province, China

1970 AD - an earthquake left more than 66,000 dead in Peru

1976 AD - at least 270,500 people died when an earthquake measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale flattened the northern city of Tangshan, China.

1976 AD - an earthquake and tidal wave hit Mindanao, Philippines

1976 AD - an earthquake hit Guatemala

1978 AD - an earthquake destroyed Tabas a city in eastern Iran

1985 AD - a magnitude 8.1 earthquake devastated part of Mexico City and three coastal states

1985 AD - Nevada del Ruiz errupted, 85 mi northwest of Bogotá.Colombia

1988 AD - an earthquake measuring 6.9 in magnitude hit Armenia and killed nearly 25,000, injured 15,000, and left at least 400,000 homeless

1989 AD - an earthquake measuring 7.1 in magnitude hit the San Francisco Bay area

1990 AD - a magnitude 7.7 earthquake destroyed cities and villages in Caspian Sea area northwest Iran

1990 AD - a magnitude 7.7 quake killed nearly 2,000 in the northern Philippines

1991 AD - Mt. Pinatubo errupted (Luzon Island, Philippines) and buried over 300 sq mi under volcanic ash.

1993 AD - an earthquake measuring 8.1 in magnitude hit Guam

1993 AD - an earthquake measuring 6.2 hit Khillari, India

1994 AD - an earthquake measuring 6.6 in magnitude hit San Fernando Valley, California

1995 AD - a magnitude: 6.9 earthquake hit Osaka, Kyoto, and Kobe, Japan

1997 AD - a severe earthquake measuring 7.3 in magnitude hit northeast Iran

1997 AD - Soufrière Hills volcano errupted (southern Montserrat)

1998 AD - a magnitude 6.6 earthquake hit northern Afghanistan

1998 AD - three tsunamis hit Papua New Guinea

1999 AD - a magnitude 6.2 earthquake hit Armenia, Colombia

1999 AD - a magnitude 7.6 quake, centered near Izmit, hit northwest Turkey

1999 AD - a severe 7.7 earthquake hit central Taiwan

2001 AD - a magnitude 7.7 earthquake set off some 185 landslides across El Salvador

2001 AD - a magnitude 7.7 earthquake hit the western Indian state of Gujarat

2002 AD - a series of earthquakes, the largest measuring 6.1 in magnitude, hit northeast Afghanistan

2003 AD - a magnitude 6.8 earthquake hit Northern Algeria

2003 AD - a magnitude 6.6 earthquake hit Bam, Iran

2004 AD - a magnitude 9.0 earthquake, off the west coast of Sumatra, Indonesia caused a tremendously powerful tsunami in the Indian Ocean that hit 12 Asian countries

2005 AD - a magnitude 6.4 earthquake hit Zarand, central Iran

2005 AD - a magnitude 8.7 earthquake occured off the west coast of Sumatra

2005 AD - a magnitude 7.6 earthquake occured, centered in the Pakistani-controlled part of the Kashmir region

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