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Here are my articles on the Kabbalah, Sacred Geometry and other esoteric subjects. This section needs work and may seem unclear in its present state. Those with a deep curiosity about universal matters should persevere here because there are some very interesting ideas, some of which I have not seen anywhere else.

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bulletEsoteric ArticlesTop Menu

bulletThe Hebrew Alphabet: Its Inner Structure
Are the 22 letters of the Hebrew Alphabet, with their 3:7:12 groupings merely arbitary or do they have deeper significance? New discoveries indicate that the ancient Kabbalists were correct-Eternal mathematical truths do support the Kabbalistic system

bulletThe Magic Hexagon of the 19 Permutations
A new Magic Hexagon based on the 19 tao imbued permutations of Yin, Yang and Tao over 3 places...and how this is connected with the Cube of Space etc

bulletAn Overview of the 7 Diagrams
The 7 Diagram Theory has since been superceded but it left here for reference

bulletSecrets of the Menorah
The ancient Jewish symbol of the 7 fold candlestick is intimately connected with the Tree of Life diagram and the 22 letters of the Sacred Alphabet.

bulletAn Atlantean Diagram?
During the course of my investigation into various matters such as the trigrams, runes and sacred geometry etc etc, I formulated a diagram which I believed to be universal-ie a discovery rather than an arbitary invention...Since being "confirmed by psychics"!

bulletThe Tetrahedron and the 5 Elements
How the Tetrahredren is the perfect 3 dimensional map for the simple pairings of the 5 elements: fire, air, water, earth and ether.

bulletThe Sepher Yetzirah: an Original Interpretation
My rendering of the classic jewish work the Book of Creation with some original but related ideas. (Unfinished)

bulletProfound Secrets of the Dodecahedron
Is the there a connection between Sanskrit, the I Ching, the Dodecahedron and the Chakra/energy centers of the human body?

bulletThe Tree of Life and the Four levels of Geometric Complexity
The first four simplexes, one apon the other form a symbol identical with the Tree of Life.

bulletSpeculations on the Tree of Life
Does the structure of the tree of life have any underlying logic to it connecting it to any other system or structure? Here are a couple of suggestions.

bulletCommentaries on the Tetragrammaton
"The following is a collection of observations by by mystics occultists and kabbalists both ancient and modern on the meaning of the Tetragrammaton-the holy four fold name of God.

bulletThe Chemical Elements
This page is organized according to the theories of Peter Plichta as set out in his book "God's Secret Formula".

bulletPi in other Bases
Many people have wondered about it's universal significance and sought deeper meanings within it's unchanging digits.

bulletPascal's TriangleTop Menu

bulletPascal's Triangle: Key to the Mysteries
Originally known as Mount Meru, this ancient diagram is related to many areas of esoteric philosophy, from the Cube of Space to the I Ching etc

bulletPascal's Triangle and Combinatorics
More on Pascals Triangle

bulletBasic Concepts Top Menu

bulletVirtueScience Mathematics
An overview of what I want to achieve.

bulletn-Dimensional Polytopes
The totality of the n-dimensional polytopes so that other sections can be seen in the correct context.

bulletSome thoughts on Number
Some unconventional ideas on the nature of Number

bulletPartition Theory
Many people have wondered about it's universal significance and sought deeper meanings within it's unchanging digits.

bulletThe Simplexes Top Menu

bulletThe n-dimensional Simplexes and Pascal's Triangle
Pascal's Triangle, originally called Mount Meru. Those who appreciate the profound value of Simplicity may not be surprised that the study of the simplest shapes in every dimension reveals great insight about the Universe and our own natures.

bulletThe Simplexes
The simplest shape in any dimension is called a simplex. The infinite series of simplexes is related to the the simplest number base and other universal matters. It it is the perfect transcendental framework for the Universal Language.

bulletHyperCubes etcTop Menu

bulletThe Integer
New: The Integer as a simple infinity. A "new way of partitioning integers" etc etc. Has relevence to other areas of this website.

bulletHyper Cubes and Combinatorics
Many people have wondered about it's universal significance and sought deeper meanings within it's unchanging digits. There are an infinite series of hypercubes. They are related to base 3.

bulletThe Undifferentiated Tao
The source of all and how all permutations and concepts etc arise from the theUniversal One. Link to the Non-dual Philosophy Section

bulletThe 3 Trinary Permutations
The 3 trinary permutations are related to the three mother letters of the Hebrew Alphabet + how they relate to the infinite series of base 3 permutations.

bulletThe 9 Trinary Permutations
The nine permutations and the enneagram, magic squares etc etc

bulletThe 27 Trinary Permutations
A good original diagram of the 27 permutations of Yin, Yang and Tao with explanations regarding their correspondence with the features of the cube.

bulletThe Cube and Base 3
Explaining the connection between the geometric features of the cube to the 27 base 3 permutations over 3 spaces.

bulletBase 2 HyperCubes Top Menu

The infinite series of base 3 hyper cubes may be transformed into an infinite series of base 2 hyper cubes with exact correspondences.

bulletThe transformation between base 3 and base 2
The base 3 cube series may be represented in base 2.
The series of base 3 hypercubes can be transformed non-arbitarily into a series of base 2 hypercubes with exact correspondence. For example the 27 base 3 features of the cube can be transformed into the 64 binary permutations.

bulletThe 4 Binary Permutations
The 4 binary permutations are related to the Tetragrammaton and the 12 signs of the zodiac etc. A fresh look at astrological charts and their relation to destiny and free will etc

bulletThe 16 Binary Permutations
These 16 permutations are related to many universal phenomena. There are some original ideas here.

bulletIs there a Pattern in the Prime Factors?
The prime numbers and factors are a great mystery to mathematicians and are close to the very essence of number theory. The magic square that I discovered shows an unexpected pattern in the prime factors.

bulletA Possible Alternative to the 16 Traditional Geomantic Figures
The traditional figures attached to the 16 binary permutations are fine and very revealing. Here is another non-arbitory set of 16 symbols which may shed more light on the 16. needs work.

bulletThe 64 Binary Permutations
The 64 permutations of Yin and Yang over 6 places is part of an infinite series. It is connected with the I Ching and many other Universal Phenomena. Is it the ideal blueprint for the Conceptual Matrix?

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Guest Articles Top

The Enneagram by Marko Rodin

Geometry: An Archetypal Form of Communication by Eldon Taylor, Ph.D

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This is an excerpt from Ivo Salzinger's Revelatio Secretorum Artis, a preface to his 8 volume edition of Bl. Raymond Lull's works...

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Esoteric Links Page
Some great websites about the Kabbalah and the structure of the universe etc.

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