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The Hebrew Alphabet: It's Inner Structure

Is the Hebrew Alphabet (Aleph-Bet) a purely man-made arbitary creation or does it reflect (or embody) universal and transcendental qualities?

I will confess straight away that I personally believe that the Hebrew Alphabet does have transcendentant properties and is very likely integral to the Universal Language that I am researching. However I believe that today, even in the most erudite and secret of societies true knowledge of it has been largely lost, surviving only in fragments, often misunderstood and ovelaid with personal and culteral bias.

In my view, when exploring phenomena such as the Hebrew Alphabet and investigating it's universiality, we should consider other phenomena that shares it's known properties. The best example in this case is other phenomena connected with the number 22.

According to the Kabbalists the 22 letters are divided into 3 groups: the 3 Mother Letters, the 7 Double letters and the 12 Simple Letters. Do any of the other 22 related phenomena also divide naturally into this 3:7:12 pattern? If so then we have a stronger possible link between the Hebrew Alphabet and the other phenomena. In other words the fact that 2 sets of phenomena share not only the same overall number but also an inner pattern strengthens the case that they are linked.

To make it clear, what we are looking for is a direct 1 to 1 correspondence between each 1 of the 22 in the 2 sets.

There is a relatively quite well known connection between the 22 letters and "The Cube of Space" (there is a lot more on the Cube of Space in my Esoteric Section).

The 3 dimensions of space correspond with the 3 Mother Letters. The 1 center and 6 faces (ie the 7 Directions of Space) correspond with the 7 double letters. The 12 Edges (ie the 12 Subdirections of Space) correspond with the 12 Simple Letters.

According to Bill Heidrick (Brief Meanings of the Hebrew Letters) the Three Mother Letters "generate" the other letters in a specific way:

The Three Mother Letters


The Seven Double Letters

Beth = Aleph + Shin
Gemel = Aleph + Mem
Dalet = Shin + Mem
Koph = Beth + Gemel
Peh = Beth + Dalet
Resh = Dalet + Gemel
Tau = Aleph + Shin + Mem

The Twelve Simple Letters

Heh=Aleph + KophAries
Vav=Aleph + PehTaurus
Zain=Aleph + ReshGemini
Chet=Aleph + TauCancer
Tet=Shin + KophLeo
Yod=Shin + PehVirgo
Lamed=Shin + ReshLibra
Nun=Shin + TauScorpio
Samekh=Mem + KophSagitarious
Ayin=Mem + PehCapricorn
Tzaddi=Mem + ReshAquarius
Qof=Mem + TauPisces

I composed this diagram based on their scheme:

Letter Triangle
What do I mean by based on their scheme? Well the 3 mother letters are seen as a set. Therefore they are placed equally apart in a triangle. It is understood that Aleph is neutral so it is placed "centrally" between the other 2 Mother Letters. The other letters are placed in accordance with their supposed make up from the Three. For example in their scheme Gemel=Aleph+Mem. Therefore I placed Gemel directly in between Aleph and Mem.

If Shin is seen as yang polarity, Mem is seen as yin polarity and Aleph is seen as neutral/tao then this diagram reflects the aproximate polarities of the other letters. The central letters are balanced , those on the left are yin and those on the right are yang.

Circles are seen as pure transcandentent geometric figures so patterns that can be formed from a set number of them on a flat plane are inherently non-arbitary to a degree. Naturally symmetrical and/or beautiful arangements are given special importance especially if they have other notable or unique properties. Through experimentation I discovered this pattern that can be formed from 22 equally sized circles on a flat plane:

22 Geometry
It is important to remember that there are only a set number of patterns possible within the selected parameters. So I say that each of the few have inherent significance. Does the pattern above support the scheme or not? My answer is yes:

22 Triangle

Letter Triangle 22 Triangle

Compare the diagram I formed from Bill Heidrick's scheme with the diagram formed with the 22 circles. I have highlighted the 3, 7 and 12 the same in each diagram to highlight the correspondence.

Here is an alternative and possibly superior set of diagrams shedding light on the inner structure of the Hebrew Alphabet by Yanis Dambergs, webmaster of

I discovered another significant pattern which can be formed from 22 circles: Aleph Bet

Why do I say it is significant?

There is also another, at first seemingly unrelated, area of mathematics that adds strength to the proposed correlations.

Circle Division by Lines is the maximum number of ways there are of disecting a plane with n number of straight lines.

Circle Division

If we divide the circle with 6 straight lines we can get a maximimum number of 22 spaces:
Letter Pattern

As you may know Pi is a transcendental number, and yet exactly 6 equally sized circles fit exactly around a circle of the same size. This whole number relationship with Pi highlights the number 6.

The maximum number of areas formed with 6 lines on a plane is 22. This pattern of 22 spaces corresponds exactly, thus supports, the 3:7:12 pattern:

Letter Pattern

The above diagram is not "idealized" in that the exact proportions for the spaces are probably not correct. With work, they may be worked out and reveal other universal secrets.

Note that the 3 violet areas may correspond with the 3 Mother Letters. They are surounded by 6 areas

Aleph Bet Letter Pattern

Have you ever played Tetris? It is based on a set of mathematical shapes called Polymones-more precisely Tetrimonoes. I noticed that, including reflections and rotations, there were 19 shapes:


Could there be a connection between the 19 Tetrominoes and the 19 (ie 7+12) Double and Simple Letters? Well there seems to be an amazing correlation in that we ideally looking out for a set of mathematical symbols which have a 1+3 pairs (ie 7). We are also looking for a set of 12 which have a 3x4 structure to correspond with the supposed astrological prioperties of the 12 Simple letters:

19 Tetrominoes

As you can see the set of 19 Tetrominoes display the required properties. There certainly seems to be a one to one connection between the 19 Tetrominoes and the 19 Tao Imbued Permutations of Yin, Yang and Tao over 3 places.

But what about the 3 Mother Letters? Could they be represented by simpler Polyminoes?

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