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VirtueScience recognizes a universal conceptual matrix-a kind of periodic table of simple concepts from which all our countless thoughts and beliefs are formed by combination. Knowledge of this simple matrix has profound benefits for character improvement and many other areas of life. It points towards a "Universal Language" that some believe was once openly known on this planet during a previous golden age but has since been lost.

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The Coming Age of Concepts
The internet in the far future. The ordering of information and universal concepts.

The Origin of Meaning
Things in themselves are entirely empty of meaning. We project meaning onto things dependent on our interpretation of their attributes and our current relationship with them.

The Universal Conceptual Matrix
Thought Experiments in aid of genuine Universiality.

The Next Generation of Messageboads
Using software to build an accurate conceptual representation of the truth.

Conceptual Systems
The I ching, the tarot, astrology and various other systems as they are widely understood today are merely distorted fragments of a universal science.

Indra's Net
The ancient metaphor and it's relevence to the science of concepts.

Conceptual Phonetics
The direct relationship between phonetics and meaning and how to discover particular correspondences which will lead eventually to a unified understanding.

Concepts are Containers
A concept is a limitless container. Containers form geometric laws. For example any 4 concepts form one of 9 non-arbitary patterns.

Universal Laws
Just as with concepts in general, complex laws are based on combinations of simpler more universal laws.

Logical Fallacies
According to VirtueScience there are a definite set number of logical fallacies that form a symmetrical matrix of ordered concepts.

Basic Steps Towards Conceptual Organization
With these techniques you will be able to bring order to chaos!

Deep Musings into Conceptual Science

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Etymology-How Words Change Over Time by Maria Boomhower

Charismatic Communication - Conceptual Entrapment - How Metaphor Governs Our Lives by Desmond Guilfoyle

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The Memetic Lexicon
"The term "meme", coined in 1976 by Richard Dawkins, refers to a unit of cultural information that can be transmitted from one mind to another." Here is an interesting A to Z of the terms.

The Jericho Road by W. Bion Adkins
"Like the rivers, forever running yet never passed, like the winds forever going yet never gone, so is Odd-Fellowship."-not that relevent to this section of the website-tagged for relocation.

Pythagoras and the Mathesis of Chaos
"A talk by Frater Choronzon first delivered on 24th June 1989 to 'The Society" at The Plough, Museum Street"

The Calculus of Logic by George Boole
"As the inventor of Boolean algebra,the basis of all modern computer arithmetic, Boole is regarded in hindsight as one of the founders of the field of computer science, although computers did not exist in his day."

Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus by Ludwig Wittgenstein
"Perhaps this book will be understood only by someone who has himself already had the thoughts that are expressed in it-or at least similar thoughts.-So it is not a textbook.-Its purpose would be achieved if it gave pleasure to one person who read and understood it.". From logic to the mystical beyond the reaches of logic.

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Universal Truth: Achieving Enlightenment in the Modern World
by Will CrudgeSearch for Will Crudge

This book is a practical and spiritually uplifting guide that shows how we can transcend the stresses and pain of the modern world and find peace. Through easy to follow techniques, the reader can learn to defeat fear, anxiety, and feel a spiritual connection to all things. Using examples from history, scripture, and modern spiritual philosophies, this is an inside glance on how we can find answers by looking within and finding inner peace without perscribing too heavily to any particular dogma. By being empowered by the knowledge of our own free wills and ability to manifest the life we've always dreamed of, anyone can achieve enlightenment!
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Universal Truths: Unlocking the Secrets of Energy Healing
by Wayne and Wanda CookSearch for Wayne and Wanda Cook
$14.42 new/used

"Universal Truths" explains the universe as it relates to the energy of the human body and to all things. It includes topics such as: - Research into the electrochemical, biomagnetic and psychoenergetic force fields of the human body and how they relate to the atomic electromagnetic structure of the universe. - Unlocking the secrets to energy healing - Answers to the many mysteries of water dowsing - What effects minerals have on the human body - Exercises for optimum health - Information about the Amazing diode - Interesting facts to obtain and maintain a healthy body, mind, and spirit
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Universal Truth: The Catholic Epistles of James, Peter, Jude, and John (The Orthodox Bible Study Companion Series)
by Lawrence R. FarleySearch for Lawrence R. Farley
$17.20 new/used

The catholic, or general, epistles of the "other apostles"-James, Peter, Jude and John-are sometimes overshadowed by the stirring theology of the great Apostle to the Gentiles, St. Paul. But these seven epistles are quiet gems of instruction, encouragement and exhortation for all believers. Written at various times and locations and to differing audiences, the general epistles nevertheless share some common themes: endurance under persecution, living out the Faith in a hostile society, discerning heresy by its fruits-namely, immorality and lack of love-and resisting it, holding fast to the apostolic faith. As Fr. Lawrence Farley deftly shows in this commentary, all these are timely themes from which believers today can richly profit.Working from a literal translation of the original Greek, this commentary examines the text section by section, explaining its meaning in everyday language. Written from an Eastern Orthodox and patristic perspective, it maintains a balance between the devotional and the exegetical, feeding both the heart and the mind.
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Universal Truths Manual: Awaken to Who You Truly Are and Create Your Heaven on Earth
by Amanda AbelsethSearch for Amanda Abelseth
$25.38 new/used

The Universal Truths Manual is an extensive channelled curriculum, designed to trigger the knowing within you and awaken you to who you truly are. This manual has been recorded to aid you in remembering your true nature, so that you may embrace your global purpose and assist in bringing about peace for all humanity. These powerful reprogramming lessons delve into the understandings of why you are here and as an awakened being ? what you are here to do. Within these teachings, you will discover Universal Truths about your reality and your ability to manifest any and all resources desired for your path. You will uncover innovative teachings regarding the truths about reality creation and learn how to align Self to lead a joyous, abundant life! You will not simply be told what you should be capable of as a conscious creator, instead, you will be guided step by step with knowledge to assist you in achieving your potential. During the reprogramming process, you will begin to embrace your power and comprehend your mental workings, allowing you to understand what is preventing you from achieving your desires. Through these lessons, you will discover your true power, learn invaluable knowledge to overcome all limiting beliefs and walk bravely into the new world creating YOUR Heaven on Earth.
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Twelve Universal Laws: The Truth That Will Transform Your Life
by Anne E. AngelheartSearch for Anne E. Angelheart
$8.03 new/used

Author Anne E. Angelheart's intention in writing this book is to provide the information that will empower and encourage individuals to realize their ultimate potential and enhance their own lives by applying the wisdom from the ancient and forgotten laws of the universe. You can change your life and have fulfillment in each and every moment of your day! Each time this book is read something new and wonderful will speak to you in a soulful way that will transform your life. Twelve Universal Laws provides identification and integration of the laws into your daily living. By using new language, relatable examples, and experiences, you will immediately feel your connection to these ancient concepts and will be able to remember how to apply them in your life on a regular basis rather than selectively. Whether you are conscious of it or not, universal laws are making an impact on your life, so use this time of awakening to take charge of your journey and remember you are the creator of your life.
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Timeless Wisdom: Illuminating Thoughts on the Art of Living: A Treasury of Universal Truths
by Gary FenchukSearch for Gary Fenchuk
$0.01 new/used

"Timeless Wisdom" is a powerful collection of the wisest, wittiest and most inspirational quotes of all time! Featuring over 100 new quotes of undeniable wisdom, this is a concise yet comprehensive guidebook on the "art of living".
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Wake Up Now! A Book of Universal Truths
by Dee WallaceSearch for Dee Wallace

Wake Up NOW! A Book of Universal Truths, is a book filled with a variety articles written by internationally know bestselling author, actress, healer and clairaudient Dee Wallace. All the material within is based on channeled information that Ms. Wallace has shared weekly with her group of international radio participants. Included is information about the secrets of creation, Universal Truths, relationship guidance, money empowerment, healing the body and more. Written with humor, directness, and from her very human perspective, Dee often shares these truths through intimate insights into her own life, which makes it more identifiable for the reader. Use this book as a weekly guide, an awareness tool, or a complete single read.
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Universal Truths
by Julian GrantSearch for Julian Grant

83 pg. illustrated humorous book of observations, insights, quotes, statements, facts, truths, observations and outright balderdash. Perfect for those days that you need a laugh or a think.
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Spiritual Evolution Universal Truths Volume I.: Messages From The Collective Core (Volume 1)
by Anitra F Williams-FritzSearch for Anitra F Williams-Fritz
$9.18 new/used

Spiritual Progression - Unveiling Your Higher Being What is the intention of Messages From The Collective Core? It is meant to assist in enabling you to recognize your higher being. It is not a state of conceit, when you speak of your higher being. God provided guiding angels at birth. It is only natural that you would also have the ability to connect and align with God and your higher being. You higher being is connected to the angels that God has provided. Knowing your angel allows you to bring forth the energy that you too, can rise and accomplish your true purpose and service for God. Most do not understand their higher being, except when they accomplish a great task. It is through this spectacular creation, that you can feel your higher being and know who your are! When I was given this service, it was said to me by God, that I should create higher being angels, so that all who choose to know their purpose would be able to take this first step. Knowing your higher being connects you to God?s energy so that you may move and create the purpose and service for which you were intended.
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Kate: A Universal Truth (A Wish for Love Series Book 1)
by Mia ShalesSearch for Mia Shales

A mesmerizing and charming take on Jane Austen's beloved and timeless novel 'Pride and Prejudice'

Kate, a beautiful and brilliant professor of literature at Oxford is convinced she can never love again - until the arrogant, untamed and sexy Lord Matthew Camedon comes into her life. Determined to conquer her body and soul, he is a man used to getting his way.

But will this be a passing affair or true love?

Can Kate heal Matthew's tortured soul and soothe his pain?

Will Kate and Matthew overcome their differences and find true romance together?

In Mia Shales' modern play on Jane Austen's beloved novel 'Pride and Prejudice', the heroes lead you on an entertaining romp through grand mansions, the intrigues and gossip of present day aristocracy and the power of a once in a lifetime love.

??? An unforgettable and sensual love story

You will hold your breath as you follow the highs and lows of the fascinating characters in this dazzling tale of passion and drama.

A spellbinding contemporary romance that will bewitch you and fire your imagination.

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