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Structure of the Universe

This section contains sites offering information and theories about sacred geometry, kabbalah and esoteric mathematics-the hidden structure of reality. "Michael Joyce's home of arcane, esoteric and cosmic Knowledge. Evidence of God through divine numbers. Qabalistic Astrology (site down?) An indepth look at Jacob's Wheel, Astrology, the Hebrew Alphabet, the Tarot, Qabalah and Magick. Original ideas. (site links?) "If you choose to accept this mission, of piecing together bits of information from 40,000+ authors and multitudes of websites, into a coherent musical theory describing the Harmonics of Universe, relating to human and atomic activity, the choice is yours. Only the most innocent minds can attain this goal, as it is innocence that knows all things are possible and has no knowledge of the phrase *it cannot be done*."- Robert Grace By means of an artful application of Formal Systems Theory (the guiding principle of Artificial Intelligence research), the structure of I CHING itself has been co-opted to render the entire work in a musical form. Many basic and advanced scientific questions answered within days. Recommended. Divine instruments for self learning memory training, figures, trees, mnemonic hands, the sixth sense, angelic conversation, contemplation of GOD, science of the Holy Spirit. Ancient board games, mathematics and astronomy+++
Sacred Geometry for Fun and Personal Growth Sacred geometry is a vast and exciting subject. This website will give you a good summary, with some practical exercises and tools to get started, plus further resources to guide you onward.
/" (site down?) Halilullaev's unique exploration of magic hexagons.
The Logic Alphabet Project The task of constructing the Logic Alphabet is part of a longstanding project initated by Zellweger. This project comes under the general area now called "sign factors engineering." It could also be called "cognitive ergonomics." Tony Smith's Home Page(site down?) Of great value. A large resource of hard to find info. (site down) The Ineffable Ten Dimensions. A Geometric Model for a Universal Grand Unified Theory By Simon Yeger Numerometria (site down) A new work of Thought concerning the Synthesis of Religion, Science, Magic, and Technology (site down?) An indepth study of many aspects of esoteric science.Recommended. (site down?) Book of Mutations Unmissable for any serious student of theoretical qabalah. Crowley foccused. Sacred Geometry Discovery
The Tree of Life AS a memory castle. Plenty of other info here as well.(Site Down) (site down?) This page is the attempt of a unification theory of the Chinese I-Ching, Egypt's Tarot, the Jewish Kabalah, the 22 aminoacids of the DNA double helix (3-d space) and the Mayan Sacred Calendar Tzolkin (4th-d time).
Math and Magick Some good articles exporing the relationship between mathematics and magick.
Dodecahedron Sacred Geometry and other esoterica. Informing and inspiring. (site down) The Lost Word of Masonry Mysteries of the Hebrew alphabet and the Tetraktys etc. Worth a look for the serious student. Explores the Lambdoma Matrix a numerical framework of ratios which bears relationships with relationships to aromatics, chemistry, crystallography, cybernetics, art, music, geometry. (site down?) Fascinating and indepth study. Interesting essay on Pi (site down?) A synthesis of Tarot, I Ching, DNA, the genetic code, Hebrew alphabet, Qabalah, Kabbalah, Cabala, Aleister Crowley and Richard Wilhelm. The web's most extensive maths resource.
The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences Invaluable for esoteric maths research. Plato spoke of how Pythagoras taught an advanced system of music and sound for the healing of disease and spiritual growth during the Golden Age of the Ancient Greeks (site down?) Kevin Trinder's reconciliation outcomes for natural numbers and the notion of harmonics data output for integers multiples of 24
The Library of Alexandria Alexandria is a Synthesis of new physics, sacred geometry, ancient and modern history, multiple universes & realities, consciousness, the Ha Qabala and ORME, extraterrestrials, corporate rule and politics, law, order and entropy, trial by jury, astronomy, monetary policy, scientific anomalies, and a whole host of other subjects ranging from astrology and astrophysics to superstrings and sonoluminesence to biblical and geologic histories to numerology, the Tarot, and creating your own reality. It is an attempt at bridging of the Age of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius.
The Alchemy Site Large and well put together site concerning Alchemy.
Numerical Partitions A handy partition calculator with a number of features.

Kabbalah Links (site down?)The Mind of James Donahue "Nothing Is As It Seems! Welcome To My World of Strange, Supernatural And Esoteric Thought. I Deal With Ghost Stories, UFOs, Remote Viewing And Psychic Visions Of Future and Past Events, Environmental Rape, Governmental Tomfoolery And A Variety of Topics You May Find of Interest. All Stories Are Designed To Generate Right Brain Thought." Spiritual training, Alchemy & Kabbalah, the Alchemical Great Work, the Aura, the Tree of Life, the Temple rebuilding, the Rotation of Elements, the Awakening of Kundalini, the Antediluvian worldwide language of Atlantis .. (site down?) Official web site of Anatole Shpeievker, writer and medium. He writes books on spirituality and Kabbalah. He also published several books of short stories in Russian.

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Results for cosmic knowledge

The Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge
by Jeremy NarbySearch for Jeremy Narby
$4.23 new/used

This adventure in science and imagination, which the Medical Tribune said might herald "a Copernican revolution for the life sciences," leads the reader through unexplored jungles and uncharted aspects of mind to the heart of knowledge.In a first-person narrative of scientific discovery that opens new perspectives on biology, anthropology, and the limits of rationalism, The Cosmic Serpent reveals how startlingly different the world around us appears when we open our minds to it.
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Cosmic Memory: The Story of Atlantis, Lemuria, and the Division of the Sexes
by Rudolf SteinerSearch for Rudolf Steiner
$16.25 new/used

In the best tradition of ancient wisdom literature, COSMIC MEMORYreconstructs from the akashic record events between the origin of the earth and the beginning of recorded history, including a core investigation of the origins, achievements, and the fate of the Atlanteans and Lemurians. These remarkable "lost" root races developed the first concepts of "good" and "evil", manipulated the forces of nature, laid the groundwork of all human legal and ethical systems, and defined and nurtured the distinctive yet complementary powers of men and women that brought humankind, many centuries ago, to its highest artistic, intellectual, and spiritual attainments. Through this discussion of our true origins, COSMIC MEMORY gives us a genuine foundation for our lives; allows us to realize our real value, dignity, and essence; enlightens us about our connection with the world around us; and shows us our highest goals, our true destiny.
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Genes, Giants, Monsters, and Men: The Surviving Elites of the Cosmic War and Their Hidden Agenda
by Joseph P. FarrellSearch for Joseph P. Farrell
$10.74 new/used

Consider the possibility that the history of the human race is not as simple as what has been taught in classroom textbooks. Consider the possibility that the evolutionary scientific explanation for mankind has ignored critical facts that are buried deep within the fossils and mankind's DNA. Consider the possibility that the religious stories that have often been the core basis for mankind's understanding of where it belongs in the history of creation may actually reveal a planet occupied with tyrannical giants and an elite highly intelligent race bent on genetic mutation.

As horrifying as such possibilities are, Genes, Giants, Monsters, and Men sets forth a plausible theory revealing a hidden history of mankind and a possible reason that it has remained veiled for hundreds of thousands of years. With his well-documented style and breathtaking conclusions, Dr. Joseph P. Farrell pulls back the veil and takes the reader on an odyssey behind the mysterious history and myths of the human race.

Joseph P. Farrell is a recognized scholar whose credentials include a PhD in philosophy from the University of Oxford. His literary contribution is a veritable resumé unto itself covering such fields as Nazi Germany, sacred literature, physics, finances, the Giza pyramids, and music theory. A renowned researcher with an eye to assimilate a tremendous amount of background material, Farrell is able to condense the best scholastic research in publication and draw insightful new conclusions on complex and controversial subjects.

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The Grid of the Gods: The Aftermath of the Cosmic War and the Physics of the Pyramid Peoples
by Joseph P. FarrellSearch for Joseph P. Farrell
$12.31 new/used

Consider the possibility that there is an alchemical cosmology in very ancient stone monuments, and that this is connected to the Mayans, their myths, and the mysterious machined ruins of Pumu Punkhu. Consider the possibility that an ancient and hidden elite laid out an entire global construction grid, and then built it over millennia. Also consider that the "elite" behind this alchemical agenda disguised an advanced science within religious myths and concealed a highly sophisticated physics. Finally, consider that when the first hydrogen bombs were tested, they might have tapped into the unknown sources of energy from that grid ... with runaway results!

Join popular Oxford-educated researcher Dr. Joseph P. Farrell and fellow Oxford-educated scholar Dr. Scott D. de Hart as they take you on an alarming and breath-taking ride through ancient sites, secret and advanced technologies, and explore the topological metaphors behind the physics of the "pyramid peoples." As always, with Farrell and contributing author de Hart, painstaking research leads to fresh and astonishing conclusions.
Topics include:
*Alchemical Cosmology and Quantum Mechanics in Stone
*Paradoxes at Pumu Punku
*Anomalies at the Temples of Angkor
*Mesopotamian Pyramid Peoples
*Grid Geopolitical Geomancy
*The Ancient Prime Meridian: Giza
*Divination, Animation, Healing, and Numerical Traditions
*Transmitters, Temples, and Nazis
*The Master Plan of a Hidden Elite

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Cosmic Connections: Ancient Knowledge Meets Spiritual Science
by Dr. Cheri St. ArnauldSearch for Dr. Cheri St. Arnauld
$13.38 new/used

Cosmic Connections is a unique view of spirituality and the links between ancient knowledge and science, the soul and nature, and living within the universal flow of energy. This unique web of connections is designed to take you on a reflective journey of self-discovery cocreating your best divine life.
  • Identify your own definition of spirituality as a way of life that moves within the flow of universal energy.
  • Identify disruptors in your life that may impact living in energetic harmony, from the environment, from food and water, or from artificial energy sources around you.
  • Learn how the lost teachings of Atlantis and the law of One, string theory, and quantum physics impacts cocreation and your reality daily.
  • Learn how sacred geometry, the pineal gland, the chakras, meditation and spiritual healing strengthen living within the life force energy of the universe.
  • Understand how serving others in your world actually achieves all the abundance, health, and love you desire as a way to bring purpose and meaning to your life.
This journey asks you to consider not only your own individual walk but to perhaps reach out to help humanity as a whole. Every move you make or thought you have and emotion you express will bring the same back to you. Your journey is but an introduction to a path of understanding, to cocreate your own best world and consider a simple way of life that can change your thoughts, intentions and develop a shared vision to attain this world for all humanity....and ultimately for yourselves.
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The Cycle of Cosmic Catastrophes: How a Stone-Age Comet Changed the Course of World Culture
by Richard Firestone, Allen West, Simon Warwick-Smith
$11.20 new/used

Newly discovered scientific proof validating the legends and myths of ancient floods, fires, and weather extremes

? Presents new scientific evidence revealing the cause of the end of the last ice age and the cycles of geological events and species extinctions that followed

? Connects physical data to the dramatic earth changes recounted in oral traditions around the world

? Describes the impending danger from a continuing cycle of catastrophes and extinctions

There are a number of puzzling mysteries in the history of Earth that have yet to be satisfactorily explained by mainstream science: the extinction of the dinosaurs, the vanishing of ancient Indian tribes, the formation of the mysterious Carolina Bays, the disappearance of the mammoths, the sudden ending of the last Ice Age, and the cause of huge underwater landslides that sent massive tsunamis racing across the oceans millennia ago. Eyewitness accounts of these events are chronicled in rich oral traditions handed down through generations of native peoples. The authors? recent scientific discoveries link all these events to a single cause.

In The Cycle of Cosmic Catastrophes Richard Firestone, Allen West, and Simon Warwick-Smith present new scientific evidence about a series of prehistoric cosmic events that explains why the last Ice Age ended so abruptly. Their findings validate the ubiquitous legends and myths of floods, fires, and weather extremes passed down by our ancestors and show how these legendary events relate to each other. Their findings also support the idea that we are entering a thousand-year cycle of increasing danger and possibly a new cycle of extinctions.
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The Knowledge: How to Rebuild Our World from Scratch
by Lewis DartnellSearch for Lewis Dartnell
$5.25 new/used

How would you go about rebuilding a technological society from scratch?

If our technological society collapsed tomorrow, perhaps from a viral pandemic or catastrophic asteroid impact, what would be the one book you would want to press into the hands of the postapocalyptic survivors? What crucial knowledge would they need to survive in the immediate aftermath and to rebuild civilization as quickly as possible?a guide for rebooting the world?

Human knowledge is collective, distributed across the population. It has built on itself for centuries, becoming vast and increasingly specialized. Most of us are ignorant about the fundamental principles of the civilization that supports us, happily utilizing the latest?or even the most basic?technology without having the slightest idea of why it works or how it came to be. If you had to go back to absolute basics, like some sort of postcataclysmic Robinson Crusoe, would you know how to re-create an internal combustion engine, put together a microscope, get metals out of rock, accurately tell time, weave fibers into clothing, or even how to produce food for yourself?

Regarded as one of the brightest young scientists of his generation, Lewis Dartnell proposes that the key to preserving civilization in an apocalyptic scenario is to provide a quickstart guide, adapted to cataclysmic circumstances. The Knowledge describes many of the modern technologies we employ, but first it explains the fundamentals upon which they are built. Every piece of technology rests on an enormous support network of other technologies, all interlinked and mutually dependent. You can?t hope to build a radio, for example, without understanding how to acquire the raw materials it requires, as well as generate the electricity needed to run it. But Dartnell doesn?t just provide specific information for starting over; he also reveals the greatest invention of them all?the phenomenal knowledge-generating machine that is the scientific method itself. This would allow survivors to learn technological advances not explicitly explored in The Knowledge as well as things we have yet to discover.

The Knowledge is a brilliantly original guide to the fundamentals of science and how it built our modern world as well as a thought experiment about the very idea of scientific knowledge itself.

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