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Books about Mathematics

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Numbers: The Universal Language

This is a great book about the history (and use of) numbers. What really stands out are the graphics. This is a full color book with lots and lots of historic documents, pictures, paintings, etc... revolving around numbers. Very interesting coverage of Mayan use of numbers. For example he shows all the various forms of the Mayan zero.

The Theory of Partitions

The partitions of a number are the ways of writing that number as sums of positive integers. For example, the five partitions of 4 are 4, 3+1, 2+2, 2+1+1, and 1+1+1+1. Surprisingly, such a simple matter requires some deep mathematics for its study. This subject is very relevent for students of the hidden structure of the universe etc.

A Passion for Mathematics : Numbers, Puzzles, Madness, Religion, and the Quest for Reality In a "Passion for Mathematics", Clifford Pickover takes up where he left off in his widely-acclaimed book "Wonders of Numbers." The passion in the title refers to the work of Ramanujan, a mathematician from India who startled the world with equations seemingly pulled from thin air. Ramanujan credited a goddess, Namagiri, for his inspiration. Thus, part of this work deals with the life and legacy of Ramanujan. The passion may also refer to Pickover's infatuation with the riddles of mathematics. He deals with classic problems such as that of the Bridges of Konigsberg or the always popular secrets of magic squares.
The Fourth Dimension : Sacred Geometry, Alchemy, and Mathematics

The point, line, plane and solid objects represent the first three dimensions, but a kind of reversal of space is involved in the ascent to a fourth dimension. Steiner leads us to the brink of this new perspective—as nearly as it can be done with words, diagrams, analogies, and examples of many kinds. In doing so, he continues his life-long project of demonstrating that our objective, everyday thinking is the lowest rung of a ladder that reaches up to literally infinite heights.

Fermat's Enigma : The Epic Quest to Solve the World's Greatest Mathematical Problem

"The riveting story of a mathematical problem that sprang from the study of the Pythagorean theorem developed in ancient Greece. The book follows mathematicians and scientists throughout history as they searched for new mathematical truths. In the 17th century, a French judicial assistant and amateur mathematician, Pierre De Fermat, produced many brilliant ideas in the field of number theory. The Greeks were aware of many whole number solutions to the Pythagorean theorem, where the sum of two perfect squares is a perfect square. Fermat stated that no whole number solutions exist if higher powers replace the squares in this equation. He left a message in the margin of a notebook that he had a proof, but that there was insufficient space there to write it down. His note was found posthumously, but the solution remained a mystery for 350 years..."

Books about Mathematics Selected by Amazon

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