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Peace Quotes

"One cannot subdue a man by holding back his hands. Lasting peace comes not from force."
David Borenstein

"Peace and justice are two sides of the same coin."
Dwight D. Eisenhower

"Peace is not an absence of war, it is a virtue, a state of mind, a disposition for benevolence, confidence, justice."
Baruch Benedict de Spinoza

"Words were never invented to fully explain the peaceful aura that surrounds us when we are in communion with minds of the same thoughts.
Eddie Myers

"There is nothing so likely to produce peace as to be well prepared to meet the enemy."
George Washington

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Peace Definition: Freedom from mental agitation; serenity.

Etymology of 'Peace'
mid-12c., "freedom from civil disorder," from Anglo-French pes, Old French pais "peace, reconciliation, silence, permission" (11c., Modern French paix), from Latin pacem (nominative pax) "compact, agreement, treaty of peace, tranquility, absence of war".

Positive Suggestions:
"Awaken your natural Peace"
"Perfect Peace is within you"
"Allow yourself to feel Peaceful now"
"Accept Peace"
"Trust in your Peace"
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Inner Peace (Self-Realization Fellowship)
by Paramahansa YoganandaSearch for Paramahansa Yogananda
$0.01 new/used

For all who feel that stress and nervousness are an unavoidable fact of modern life, one of the great spiritual teachers of our time reminds us that within each one of us is an inner core of peace that we can learn to access at will.

Wise and encouraging counsel, compiled from the talks and writings of Paramahansa Yogananda, shows you how to:
* overcome fear, worry, anger, nervousness, moodiness
* stay calmly present and actively focused, no matter what is going on around you
* experience the expansive timelessness and beauty of each moment.

Practical, inspiring, and highly effective, this book empowers you to transform busy-ness and stress into happiness and peace. Inner Peace offers a potent antidote to our fast-paced world.
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Inner Peace: Stepping into Serenity to Find Peace of Mind (Inner Peace, Peace of Mind Book 1)
by Andy LacroixSearch for Andy Lacroix

Inner Peace can be yours Today!

If you?re tired of feeling stuck, tired of feeling like you are fighting a war with yourself even though you?ve raised a white flag again and again, tired of feeling like you are being crushed by the pressure that comes with modern living, then I invite you to read on. The key to calming your inner turmoil is in your hands. Peace of mind is within your reach.

In today?s world, we are often under a lot of pressure: the pressure to be competitive, the pressure to succeed in work and at play, the pressure to look good, the pressure to perform well and be apt in all we do, the pressure to get and stay physically fit, the list goes on and on, as I?m sure you?re all too aware. We are under so much pressure that it can feel like we are caught in a vise grip, and that we would do anything for some relief. We would do anything to simply be able to find inner peace.

The trouble is, much of the pressure we are under comes from the same source as the desire to be free from that pressure: within ourselves. Have you ever heard the phrase, ?we are our own worst critics?? It?s the truth. That isn't to say that there aren't a variety of stressors that come from outside ourselves? "there are plenty! But often, when we look within, we can see that much of the pressure we find ourselves under stems from a place inside ourselves.

Within this book, you will find a three-step method to achieving inner peace: the Triple A Way. We will discuss inner peace, the barriers we face when seeking it, how we can use our emotions and values as road maps to the right path, and how you can use the Triple A Way to get out of the vise grip you find yourself in and be at peace with yourself, peace of mind, once and for all.

Are you ready to and take your life back into your own hands?
I invite you to read on, Inner Peace can be yours today!

Download your copy Now!

Tags: Inner Peace, peace of mind, contentment, happiness

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Buddha in Blue Jeans: An Extremely Short Simple Zen Guide to Sitting Quietly
by Tai SheridanSearch for Tai Sheridan
$4.28 new/used

Poet-philosopher and Zen Priest Tai Sheridan's 'Buddha in Blue Jeans' is an extremely short, simple and straight forward universal guide to the practice of sitting quietly and being yourself, which is the same as being Buddha. Sitting quietly can teach many ways to accept life, meet pain, age gracefully, and die without regret. The book encourages sitting quietly every day. Topics include: Sit Quietly; Care For Your Body; Accept Your Feelings; Give Thoughts Room; Pain is Natural; Be Who You Are; Live Each Moment Well; Love Indiscriminately; Listen to Others; Be Surprised; Wonder; Live gratefully; Do No Harm; Benefit life; A Wish for The World. The book is for people of any faith, religion, race, nationality, gender, relationship status, capacity, or meditation background
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How To Live In The Now: Achieve Awareness, Growth and Inner Peace in Your Life (Personal Empowerment Book 1)
by Neville BerkowitzSearch for Neville Berkowitz

This is not a book, it?s a Friend

Your new Friend will take you on a journey of discovery of what the Now really is, how to access it, the Omnipotence ever present in the Now, the Being found in stillness, the breath of your life and understanding awareness beyond thought. It will show you the importance of flowing and giving, of achieving balance, harmony and inner guidance.

  • It will explain your feelings and negate your "fearlings?. It will teach you acceptance and surrender and that vulnerability is your greatest strength.
  • It will enable you to find happiness and Love. It will help you create an accurate perspective and develop the perception of your life?s meaning and purpose.
  • It will show you the importance and consistency of change and how to willingly embrace it.
  • It will provide long lasting solutions for you and not just the answers you think you need now.
  • It will show you how to enter the Now and to remain ever present in the Now.
  • It will make you powerful when you understand exactly what power is, where it comes from and how to enhance it further.

You will turn to your new Friend for your needs whatever they may be, in any moment of Now. Like your trusted best friend it will always be there for you.

In its pages you will find understanding, kindness, compassion and Unconditional Love for You. It will guide you through dark nights ensuring your safety into the passage of the light of day.

It will uplift you in times of sorrow and embrace you in times of happiness.

Like your best friend it will touch your Soul as its radiance, knowledge and wisdom ennobles you to become who You truly are.


Scroll up and grab a copy today.

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Inner Peace: 18 Secrets to Ever Lasting Inner Peace and Contentment (Instant Self Development Series Book 5)
by Jaspinder GroverSearch for Jaspinder Grover

?Peace of mind is not the absence of conflict from life, but the ability to cope with it.?

Inner peace is our natural state of being. This is not something we have to learn to acquire but what we do need to learn is to get out of our own way so that we can achieve complete solace and inner peace. If inner peace is our default state of mind then why are we so lacking in it? What is the cause of disruption to inner peace? Why are we not always calm, composed and serene? Why do need to do something to acquire something which is already supposed to be our default state.

The truth is that we do not need to acquire inner peace. We are already always at peace. The true nature of our soul is to be at peace with itself. But since the time we were born we are conditioned to believe that something has to be done to maintain our state of well being and inner peace. Nothing could be farther from truth. We are constantly on the run to achieve one thing after another. As soon as we achieve one goal our eyes are set on the next one. Why all this fuss about achievement and acquiring material possessions? When and where did we pick up the notion that achievements and possessions were necessary for us? As a human race we all have an inbuilt desire to succeed and progress in life, but this becomes a problem when we begin to stake all our self worth and happiness on the fulfillment of these desires and achievement of material goals. We falsely begin to belief that these are essential for our happiness. And thus begins an endless pursuit of material objects that lasts a lifetime. But why should this pursuit be a problem when progress is good. This is because we take it to a level where this constant running constantly binges on our peace of mind and destroys our state of inner calm. At every stage in life we are in a state of constant turmoil because we are looking for something outside of our own being which seems to elude us. The more we run after it the more it seems to elude us.

The breakthrough occurs when a realization dawns upon us that all that we are looking for is inside us and not outside us. All that we require to find fulfillment and inner peace is already inside us. Circumstances only have a power over our state of mind as long as we allow them to. Through this book I intend to equip you with all the necessary mental tools and techniques that are necessary to live a meaningful life and live with an eternal peace of mind. You will learn to lead a life where no outside circumstances or conditions will be able to disturb your peace of mind. And all this without giving up the work you do or running away from the world. The point is that you will be so immune to the outside world that you would not need to run away from it. You will understand the underlying factors that disturb your peace of mind. You will thereafter be offered comprehensive advice or wisdom which if acted upon will help you live like a monk in the busiest of places. You will not be running away from your responsibilities or passions, you will be following them with even greater zeal.

So let us begin this journey where you will learn a new way of life and a new mindset. It is a promise that if you make the advice offered here, a part of your being, you will be in a state of eternal mental peace. Once you are well established in these teachings and begin to live by them you will experience a long lasting inner calm, that will be yours irrespective of what goes on in the outside world.

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The Dalai Lama's Little Book of Inner Peace: The Essential Life and Teachings
by Dalai LamaSearch for Dalai Lama
$5.95 new/used

His Holiness the Dalai Lama offers powerful, profound advice on how to live a peaceful and fulfilling life amidst all the conflicts of the modern world.

In this distillation of his life and teachings, the Dalai Lama paints a compelling portrait of his early life, reflecting on the personal and political struggles that have helped to shape his understanding of our world. Offering his wisdom and experience to interpret the timeless teachings of the Buddha, The Dalai Lama's Little Book of Inner Peace is fresh and relevant to our troubled times. He explains in a simple and accessible way how each of us can influence those around us by living with integrity. And he holds out hope that, through personal transformation, we can all contribute to a better world.

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You Are Here: Discovering the Magic of the Present Moment
by Thich Nhat HanhSearch for Thich Nhat Hanh
$6.36 new/used

In this book Thich Nhat Hanh, the renowned Zen monk, author, and meditation master, distills the essence of Buddhist thought and practice, emphasizing the power of mindfulness to transform our lives. ?Mindfulness is not an evasion or an escape,? he explains. ?It means being here, present, and totally alive. It is true freedom?and without this freedom, there is no happiness.?

Based on a retreat that Thich Nhat Hanh led for Westerners, this book offers a range of simple, effective practices for cultivating mindfulness, including awareness of breathing and walking, deep listening, and skillful speech. You Are Here also offers guidance on healing emotional pain and manifesting real love and compassion in our relationships with others.
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Inner Peace And Inner Love: How Mindfulness Can Change Every Aspect Of Your Life
by Kyial RobinsonSearch for Kyial Robinson more than meditation. It involves simple, deep awareness practices to fully relax the body, mind and spirit. When you begin to practice mindfulness consistently on a daily basis, you?ll soon relish a peace like you?ve never know.

Each of us is deserving of this peace and it can be achieved through the daily mindful practices revealed in this book. Following the mindful mantras and techniques presented, you?ll learn how to apply critical awareness strategies to every aspect of your life, resulting in an abundantly richer, more gratifying existence. These practices take mere minutes to perform and you?ll be astounded at how fast the amazing results unfold all around you.

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