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Sincerity Quotes

"Hold faithfulness and sincerity as first principles."

"Sincerity is the way of Heaven."

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Sincerity Definition: Free from pretence or deceit in manner or actions.

Etymology of 'Sincerity'
early 15c., "honesty, genuineness," from Middle French sinceritie (early 16c., Modern French sincérité) and directly from Latin sinceritatem (nominative sinceritas) "purity, soundness, wholeness," from sincerus "whole, clean, uninjured," figuratively "sound, genuine, pure, true, candid, truthful".

Positive Suggestions:
"Awaken your natural Sincerity"
"Perfect Sincerity is within you"
"Allow yourself to feel Sincere now"
"Accept Sincerity"
"Trust in your Sincerity"
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Sincerity: How a moral ideal born five hundred years ago inspired religious wars, modern art, hipster chic, and the curious notion that we all have something to say (no matter how dull)
by R. Jay Magill Jr.Search for R. Jay Magill Jr.
$2.69 new/used

Number Four on the Wall Street Journal's Top Ten Books of 2012

A New York Times Editors' Choice

What do John Calvin, Sarah Palin, Jean-Jacques Rosseau, and Bon Iver have in common? A preoccupation with sincerity. With deep historical perspective and a brilliant contemporary spin, R. Jay Magill Jr. tells the beguiling tale of sincerity's theological past, its current emotional resonance, and the deep impact it has had on the Western soul. At a time when politicians are scrutinized less for the truth of what they say than for how much they really mean it, Sincerity provides a wide-ranging examination of a moral ideal that remains a strange magnetic north in our secular moral compass. 10 illustrations

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Sincerity and Authenticity (The Charles Eliot Norton Lectures)
by Lionel TrillingSearch for Lionel Trilling
$17.55 new/used

"Now and then," writes Lionel Triling "it is possible to observe the moral life in process of revising itself." In this new book he is concerned with such a mutation: the process by which the arduous enterprise of sincerity, of being true to one's self, came to occupy a place of supreme importance in the moral life--and the further shift which finds that place now usurped by the darker and still more strenuous modern ideal of authenticity. Instances range over the whole of Western literature and thought, from Shakespeare to Hegel to Sartre, from Robespierre to R.D. Laing, suggesting the contradictions and ironies to which the ideals of sincerity and authenticity give rise, most especially in contemporary life. Lucid, and brilliantly framed, its view of cultural history will give Sincerity and Authenticity an important place among the works of this distinguished critic.
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Sincerity: The Essential Quality
by Yusuf Al-QaradawiSearch for Yusuf Al-Qaradawi

The challenge of maintaining sincerity in your heart will grip you for your entire life. How amazing is the human soul?that an intention makes a world of difference, though the external actions may be identical. Every supplication and every moment alone with the Creator you pray that you are counted among the sincere ones. The pursuit of sincerity is a lifelong journey, and your will power must be sustained and renewed if you are to make it safely to the finish line.

In "Sincerity: The Essential Quality," Shaykh Al-Qaradawi calls upon Muslim activists to continually reexamine their hearts and keep their highest aim foremost in their minds. MAS Publications presents this adapted translation as inspiration to all American Muslim activists working for the sake of Allah.
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The Church of 80% Sincerity
by David RocheSearch for David Roche
$1.17 new/used

The Church of 80% Sincerity shares the inspiring, poignant, wickedly funny, and sometimes heartbreaking story of motivational speaker David Roche's journey from shame to self-acceptance. Born with a severe facial deformity, David has had a life that's been anything but easy. Still, over time he's learned to accept his gifts as well as his flaws, and to see that, sometimes, they are one and the same. In this compelling book, he shares his hard-earned lessons, providing an irresistible and unforgettable glimpse of his (and everyone's) inner beauty and worth, and offers profound encouragement in dealing with whatever life brings.
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Real Black: Adventures in Racial Sincerity
by John L. Jackson Jr.Search for John L. Jackson Jr.
$0.93 new/used

New York's urban neighborhoods are full of young would-be emcees who aspire to "keep it real" and restaurants like Sylvia's famous soul food eatery that offer a taste of "authentic" black culture. In these and other venues, authenticity is considered the best way to distinguish the real from the phony, the genuine from the fake. But in Real Black, John L. Jackson Jr. proposes a new model for thinking about these issues?racial sincerity.

Jackson argues that authenticity caricatures identity as something imposed on people, imprisoning them within stereotypes: an African American high school student who excels in the classroom, for instance, might be dismissed as "acting white." On the other hand, sincerity, as Jackson defines it, imagines authenticity as an incomplete measuring stick, an analytical model that attempts to deny people agency in their search for identity. 

Drawing on more than ten years of ethnographic research in and around New York City, Jackson offers a kaleidoscope of subjects and stories that directly  and indirectly address how race is negotiated in today's world?including tales of book-vending numerologists, urban conspiracy theorists, corrupt police officers, mixed-race neo-Nazis, and gospel choirs forbidden to catch the Holy Ghost. Jackson records and retells their interconnected sagas, all the while attempting to reconcile these stories with his own crisis of identity and authority as an anthropologist terrified by fieldwork. Finding ethnographic significance where mere mortals see only bricks and mortar, his invented alter ego Anthroman takes to the streets, showing how race is defined and debated, imposed and confounded every single day.

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Sincerity Forever
by Mac WellmanSearch for Mac Wellman
$12.95 new/used

Book by Mac Wellman
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Ritual and Its Consequences: An Essay on the Limits of Sincerity
by Adam B. Seligman, Robert P. Weller, Michael J. Puett, Simon
$15.42 new/used

This pioneering, interdisciplinary work shows how rituals allow us to live in a perennially imperfect world. Drawing on a variety of cultural settings, the authors utilize psychoanalytic and anthropological perspectives to describe how ritual--like play--creates "as if" worlds, rooted in the imaginative capacity of the human mind to create a subjunctive universe. The ability to cross between imagined worlds is central to the human capacity for empathy. Ritual, they claim, defines the boundaries of these imagined worlds, including those of empathy and other realms of human creativity, such as music, architecture and literature.

The authors juxtapose this ritual orientation to a "sincere" search for unity and wholeness. The sincere world sees fragmentation and incoherence as signs of inauthenticity that must be overcome. Our modern world has accepted the sincere viewpoint at the expense of ritual, dismissing ritual as mere convention. In response, the authors show how the conventions of ritual allow us to live together in a broken world. Ritual is work, endless work. But it is among the most important things that we humans do.
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Mysteries of the Silent Brotherhood of the East: A.K.A. The Red Book/ Sincerity (Califa Uhuru) (Volume 3)
by Noble Prophet Drew Ali, Sis. Tauheedah S. Najee-Ullah EL
$11.87 new/used

Noble Prophet Drew Ali's Book for Adepts. Also known as "The Red Book" and "Sincerity." For those looking for a professionally bound edition for their Moorish Literature collection. Free eReader edition available at Bulk orders available. Visit for more information.
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All the Sincerity In Hollywood: Selections from the Writings of Fred Allen
$1.42 new/used

Selections from the writings of radio's legendary comedian Fred Allen.

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Professing Sincerity: Modern Lyric Poetry, Commercial Culture, and the Crisis in Reading
by Susan B. RosenbaumSearch for Susan B. Rosenbaum
$2.86 new/used

Sincerity?the claim that the voice, figure, and experience of a first-person speaker is that of the author?has dominated both the reading and the writing of Anglo-American poetry since the romantic era. Most critical studies have upheld an opposition between sincerity and the literary marketplace, contributing to the widespread understanding of the lyric poem as a moral refuge from the taint of commercial culture. Guided by the question of why we expect poetry to be sincere, Susan Rosenbaum reveals in Professing Sincerity: Modern Lyric Poetry, Commercial Culture, and the Crisis in Reading that, in fact, sincerity in the modern lyric was in many ways a product of commercial culture. As she demonstrates, poets who made a living from their writing both sold the moral promise that their lyrics were sincere and commented on this conflict in their work.

Juxtaposing the poetry of Wordsworth and Frank O?Hara, Charlotte Smith and Sylvia Plath, and Anna Laetitia Barbauld and Elizabeth Bishop, Rosenbaum shows how on the one hand, through textual claims to sincerity poets addressed moral anxieties about the authenticity, autonomy, and transparency of literature written in and for a market. On the other hand, by performing their "private" lives and feelings in public, she argues, poets marketed the self, cultivated celebrity, and advanced professional careers. Not only a moral practice, professing sincerity was also good business. The author focuses on the history of this conflict in both British romantic and American post-1945 poetry.

Professing Sincerity will appeal to students and scholars of Anglo-American lyric poetry, of the history of authorship, and of gender studies and commercial culture.

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