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Alton Slater

Alton Slater USA. "I was born in the year 1936 and have been gifted with great intensity, but not a powerful mind. I have practiced meditation 2 or more hours per day for 30 years without realizing the SELF. I now have cognited that I need to focus my meditation on MINDFULNESS of objects appearing on the screen or consciousness until I can abide in the SILENCE or space between the thoughts. I am more excited then ever at age 71 about the possibility of transcending. One of my favorite quotes is from Ramana. "The silent mind is the SELF". "


"This is how I see it.
When you were in school classes and the teacher took attendance, you answered here when your name was called. What was it that knew that your name was called. Wasn't it the ATTENTION. Before the teacher called your name the ATTENTION was active. In deep sleep it is still there but inactive. If you are sleeping and I call out your name you would wake up and respond. That is the asset of ATTENTION. The "I Am" sense of conscious presence is the ATTENTION. If you place your attention on the ATTENTION and succeed in doing that, you may go into deep samadhi."

Virtues are in us in perfect form
They come in pairs it is the norm
Opposite of virtues are not vices
But another virtue without a crisis
Then what is a vice you now ask
It's a lack of a virtue to do a task
A vice has an opposite vice too
Lacking a certain virtue is a clue
Virtues link to a general notion
Pair them by nature with devotion

A selection of Poems by Alton Slater

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