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The Architect's Mind

What we produce reflects our state of consciousness at the time of production. The thing produced effects people and things around it with a subtle vibration corresponding with the original creator's consciousness at the time of design/production. This vibration of a thing is also effected by the creator/designer's *current* state of consciousness, "astrological" cycles and archetypal events that the thing plays a part in. There are also many other factors of course.

If our house or a public building was designed by an architect of fine character and good nature the building will literally encourage those living within it to be of good character etc. On the other hand if the architect had various emotional problems and had a degraded quality of consciousness then the building will be more likely to induce depression, emotional problems, conflict and dullness of spirit etc.

Architects play an important role in the psychic health of the world so wish them blessings and protection from lower forces and malevonant influences. May they be of good character, compassionate and of sound mind. Architects with a low quality of consciousness should not be employed. Architects with a high quality of consciousness should be employed.

A survey of the buildings in a town or city should be done. By analyzing the type of person the architect was at the time of design, significant events that happened within and around the building, the feeling evoked by the building and other factors, a list of unhelpful buildings can be made. The worst of these buildings can be knocked down and the land "rehabilitated" via various methods.

Buildings designed for a particular purpose in mind are not necessarily suitable for different purposes later on in time-even though they may seem physically suitable. As a crude example: a slaughter house should not later on be converted to a hospital or a school as the dark energies associated with the mistreatment of animals would have a malevonant effect on future occupants. This is not only a matter of the built up negative energies which can in theory be cleared away. The actual design of the building itself will reflect the unenlightened original purpose and mind of the designers: thus such buildings should really be knocked down.

If the architects of a prison have many misunderstandings regarding human nature, inner grudges against criminals and false beliefs then what will be the effects on the prisoners? For example the architect may may have believed that therapy/rehabilitation is a waste of time and prisoners should just be punished and thats it. Now the building itself will reflect those unenlightened views in countless subtle and not so subtle ways. Later on various therapies and rehabilitation schemes may be tried in the prison but their effectiveness will be diminished by the subtle vibrations inherent in the building. The walls and structure of the building, almost like a frozen thought, will be encoded with many fears misunderstandings although this may not be discerned consciously by even the most well meaning of people.

Important people, unaware of these subjects, may believe that they are saving money by converting/(or continuing to use) old buildings instead of building fresh buildings in the correct way. However the damage sustained by using bad energy buildings will be far greater than the cost of benevolently designed new buildings. That cost will be financial as well as against the psychic health of the population.

This is not necessarily a debate about old versus new buildings as you will understand. It is the quality of the building that effects the occupants in many seen and unseen ways-and that quality is dependent largely on the quality of the architect's consciousness.

By studying these important subjects and taking appropriate action the aura and energy of a town or city etc can be lifted up and made wholesome.

During the training of architects there should be a focus on character improvement and emotional health. They should be made familiar with sacred geometry and principles of harmony and beauty. They should study the effects that their own characters will have on the energy of the finished building.

You are here: Home location Living Space / Environmental location The Architect's Mind

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