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An Atlantean Diagram?

an atlantean diagram?

During the course of my investigation into various matters such as the trigrams, runes and sacred geometry etc etc, I formulated a diagram which I believed to be universal-ie a discovery rather than an arbitary invention.

After studying and playing around with it for a while, and still finding it a mystery in many ways, I enlisted the help of a psychic, or more accurately someone who could travel the astral planes and talk with spirit guides etc. I decided now after a few years to put their response to my diagram online and invite my visitors to pass comment apon it and my diagram.

This is a copy of the hand written letter that I received from the psychic who's identity I have kept secret:
23rd June '97

Dear James,
Enclosed is your Astral Projection Report regarding the diagram-sorry about the delay! Unfortunately I was unable to obtain any information on how the diagram could be used today. Also, although the diagram may look similar to certain other occult diagrams, it doesn't seem related to any of them at all!

You may find reading about sunspots and the sun's magnetic fields helpful? Anyway I feel if you hold onto your diagram for a few years you will be able to understand it better!
Best Wishes,

This is a copy of the report itself which was printed on thick powder blue paper:

Astral Projection Report

The diagram belongs to the Atlanteans, it may have been inherited from a previous generation, however, I was unable to trace it back any further. It is a 'Solar' diagram used for many purposes including: mathematics, religous and divination purposes and as a channel through which the gods could communicate with man.

The colours are important-the orange/red represents positive and the blue negative. The diagram would also be used to make calculations on what we now call 'sunspots'. Sunspots are more important to our planet than scientists currently realsise (although perhaps the way we are effected by them is something astrologers rather than scientists would believe). Sunspots (cool areas on the sun) are caused because the sun rotates more slowly at its poles than it does at its equator-the Atlanteans knew this, they also new that because different parts of the sun rotate at different speeds they cause 'knots' to appear in the sun's magnetic fields-these knots are directly linked to events that take place on earth eg wars, famine, progress etc. We are currently going through a very positive phase - from 1998 until around 2005 great progress will take place - this ti me period is the most important for centuries.

It isn't possible for us to use this diagram to help us at the moment, our brains do not have the capacity to understand it, we do not have the ability to look at the diagram from the correct perspective ie we don't think in the same way as those who originally used it.

The circle which is shown in dashes is more important than the other circles, and it should be coloured gold - it is the 9th circle and also the 25th circle. 25/9=5/3 a very powerful Atlantean number not unlike pi: 22/7 = 3.14 which is used in mathematics today.

The diagram doesn't really have any major uses for us today, because as already mentioned, our brain doesn't have the capacity to understand it at the moment. However, you would be advised to keep it until after the millenium when the sun's magnetic fields are at their peak with regards to helping us progress, as it is highly likely you will understand it better then, due to your own personal growth, and world events etc. Later on (around 2020) others who have access to a variation of this diagram will use it to help avoid disaster eg disaster due to the incorrect use of knowledge and power!

an atlantean diagram?

The diagram is composed of 8 trigrams which are permutations of yin and yang. Usually yin/yang trigrams are portrayed as a stack of 3 lines where a solid line represents yang and a broken line represents yin. I have made them circular so that the bottom line is represented by the innermost circle and the top line is represented by the outermost circle. The logic behind the directional lines connecting the trigrams is that the binary change comes from within and radiates outwards. Such a change transforms one trigram into another. The central golden trigram represents the neutral source where each level is composed of energy which is a perfect blending of yin and yang together.

Note:there has been an update regarding the atlantean diagram: Update

Another version of the diagram displays the 6 outer trigrams equally spaced around a circle. Another possibility is that the 8 trigrams represent the 8 corners of the cube of space. This is discussed here: The Esoteric Section

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