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How to Double Your Way to a Million

This is an interesting idea from Stuart Goldsmith: How to Double Your Way from one cent to one Million dollars in 28 steps...

You will have to put your name and email address in the form and then they will send you a link to the full report in PDF format. It contains lots of info and rules to make the 28 step process work and be fullfilling and useful along the way-useful in terms of boosting your creativity and your understanding of the wealth creation process.

The basic idea is to not use a cent of your own money. Instead find 1 cent and think of a way to double it. Maybe by making a fun bet with a friend for example. Then try to double the 2 cents somehow.

Here are the 28 Steps

Step 1: Find a cent lying on the ground
Step 2: 1 cent-2 cents
Step 3: 2 cents-4 cents
Step 4: 4 cents-8 cents
Step 5: 8 cents-16 cents
Step 6: 16 cents-32 cents
Step 7: 32 cents-64 cents
Step 8: 64 cents-$1.28
Step 9: $1.28-$2.56
Step 10: $2.56-$5.12 (Call it $5 to make it easier)
Step 11: $5-$10
Step 12: $10-$20
Step 13: $20-$40
Step 14: $40-$80
Step 15: $80-$160
Step 16: $160-$320
Step 17: $320-$640
Step 18: $640-$1,280
Step 19: $1280-$2560
Step 20: $2560-$5120 (Call it $5000 to make it easier)
Step 21: $5000-$10,000
Step 22: $10,000-$20,000
Step 23: $20,000-$40,000
Step 24: $40,000-$80,000
Step 25: $80,000-$160,000
Step 26: $160,000-$320,000
Step 27: $320,000-$640,000
Step 28: $640,000-$1280,000
one million dollars!

So that is over 1 million dollars in 28 steps! To get from nothing to over one million seems impossible but but breaking it down into steps it seems like that maybe it could be done. Each step requires different strategies to the other steps. This is a great exercise in creativity. Take for example step 14. You have $40 dollars and your job is to use that $40 dollars to double up to $80 dollars. You could buy some raw materials add value to them and sell the results for a profit until you reach the $80 dollar step. Maybe this could mean buying raw ingredients, cooking them and selling the prepared food. Or it could mean buying an old piece of furniture, restoring it and selling it on.

Get a pad of paper and title each of 28 pages with one of the 28 steps. Then on the page titled Step 1 write down all the ways that you could find or receive just one cent.

On the page entitled Step 28 write down all the ways that you could double $640,000 to over one million dollars. Do this for all the steps. Which steps are easier than others to complete? Come up with as many different ways as possible for each step: that will make it easier to progress through the steps one by one to the 28th step.

It could be that as you contemplate each of the steps you stumble upon a really great money making idea. So don''t be a slave to the system: allow it to suggest money making ventures for you along the spectrum anywhere between 1 cent and a million dollars+++.

After you have tried his system as described for a fair period of time, whatever your levels of success, please do not forget that you have the power and creativity to create your own system. Have fun and be serious at the same time! Formulate your own rules similar to Stuart Goldsmith's but with your own unique insights and with the benefit of your personal experience-tailored to your unique circumstances. Play around with the established system rules and experiment with designing your own system.

Here are some questions to get you started:
How many steps?
What is the starting point? 1 cent or maybe start higher?
What is the final goal? 1 million dollars or maybe only $5000 dollars for example
Must it be doubling every time? Perhaps it could be a third more each time for example
What other 'ingredient' or special idea could you add to the system?

There is nothing stopping you from discovering/creating an even better system than the original one. Such a system, having value within itself, can be sold as an ebook or given away as a bonus with some other product. You could create a site about your system, giving it away freely and making money from other forms of adverising at the same time.

Good luck and feel free to share your ideas and experiences in the Comment Section

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