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Motivational Posters

I believe that a good motivational poster can have a very positive effect indeed on those that see it often. Here is a quote from my free ebook "Inner Medicine" which illuminates for you some of the reasons why a simple poster can have such wonderful effects.

Utilising Semiconciousness

The purpose of this book is to help the reader become more conscious. This increased consciousness is the real inner medicine. Revealing and alleviating the areas of semiconsciousness within you is the best approach to regaining your original wholeness. However, there are secondary and supplementary techniques which utilise the existing semiconsciousness within you to create helpful changes in your life.

By experiencing how to change our habits and beliefs we are supporting the primary goal of transcending them. Naturally the changes we make should move us towards the universal virtuous matrix. As we succeed with these secondary techniques and gain satisfaction from this, we should constantly keep in mind that the overall goal is towards consciousness: we should not be content with positive believes and habits but see them only as a stepping stone or temporary measure.

Mental Association

When the mind experiences two or more things together it, from then on, associates them together. When the mind is reminded of one of the things, the other is also remembered to a degree. One of the reasons why people display their medals and achievement awards etc is because they evoke a little of the original good feelings associated with the achievement: it helps them to feel like a winner and so continue to act like a winner.

*Exercise Nine: Positive Association*

Look around your living area and try to identify any objects which make you feel bad because they remind you of negative past experiences or for any other reason. If you can remove them/replace them why not do so?

Do you have any objects that you associate with happiness and success hidden away from view? Why not display them more prominently for positive results?

Social and Universal Association

Apart from your own personal associations there are some things that are generally associated with particular feelings or concepts. For example cleanliness and tidiness are associated with order and efficiency etc whilst dirty and messy areas are associated with squalor and degradation to some degree. Certain images, colours and forms can evoke beneficial feelings and mental attitudes within us.

*Exercise Ten: Enhancing Your Surroundings*

Why not optimize your living area by eliminating any negative images and increasing the positive?


A motivational poster placed in a good place can be seen literally thousands of time in a week. This definitely has an effect on the subconscious mind of the viewer. All things have their own vibration and vibrations influence each other. By it's nature a decent motivational poster has it's own positive energy that subtley influences a room whether it is seen or not. The intention of the designer is likely to be positive as is the intention of the person placing the image (ie you!). These positive intentions add to the positive effects of the poster.

Take an honest look at your ow character and your circumstances. Ask yourself what qualities you may need to increase and what changes you want in your circumstances. Then choose a poster useful towards the accomplishment of that positive goal. Maybe you could make up your own design.

You are here: Home location Living Space location Motivational Posters
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