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A New Martial Art: Shhhhh

Shhhhh is a unique martial art that does not teach any particular moves. You can learn it on your own, even if you are in solitary confinement. Is it possible to upgrade your martial prowess even whilst confined to bed? With Shhhhh it is possible.


Rather than teaching specific martial arts moves and techniques Shhhhh advocates focusing on specific attacks, defences, targets, situations and universal martial principles. For example one limits oneself to one particular type of move such as elbow attacks. One practices only elbow attacks as if it was the only move one could do. The idea is to become very aware of one particular move type for a number of weeks. Actually discovering and self learning new variations and individual moves as one goes along. The aim is to master one particular area and then move onto another area. Each student picks their own particular area and works to master it. Then they move onto another area. Their personal martial profile should remain partially hidden from everybody else. In other words some of the chosen areas should be kept secret. One particular area of focus that all Shhhhh practitioners are encouraged to study is that of "Initial Contact" with the opponent.

Martial Character

The Shhhhh student deeply studies the character improvement techniques found in "Inner Medicine". They use specific techniques to increase their Bravery, Patience, Strength, Spontaneity and Determination etc etc. Character flaws are seen as distortions that limit clear effective tactical planning and faultless martial technique. By increasing their awareness of Character and learning how to improve it they reduce their own weaknesses, can detect weaknesses in their enemy and also actually reduce the chances of conflict happening in the first place.

The Universal Tactical Concepts

All combat and conflict, all situations in life are only variations on simple elemental and Universal Concepts. The "Periodic Table" of these tactical concepts is studied deeply by the Shhhhh students to attune them to strategic principles, allow them to formulate strategies and select focused training programmes. Martial Meditations are employed to re-integrate particular shunned martial tactics into the Shhhhh practitioner's consciousness allowing them the fullest range of tactical options.

Please read Viewpoints Regarding Shhhhh for some criticisms against Shhhhh

You are here: Home location Universal Tactics and Self Defence location A New Martial Art: Shhhhh

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