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1008 Pearls of Sayings of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba
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THERE is a conscience in Man, a whispering right advice, restraining unjust hands which man has almost succeeded in silencing; but, it is the voice of God; it can never be made dumb. Make the children cognizant of it. In Kerala there is a practice, still happily existing in rural parts, of the elders gathering the children around them every evening and spending an hour or so reciting aloud the Stotras in praise of God. It is essential that it must be revived. Time thus spent is well spent. It will give great peace and joy.


THE Upanishads were not composed or collected by persons who craved for fame or fortune; nor are they vapours of idlers and scribblers. They have the true ring of actual experience. They arose out of compassion for others wandering in the wilderness, out of concentration on the means of liberation from the dual chain of tears and triumph. Those, upon whom the people are traditionally depending for guidance, have become callous, forgetting their task, or involved in darkness and dialectics. So, there is need to spread the message of Love, which is the message of God. Simplicity is the sign of Divinity. Pomp, Paraphernalia, Jaw-breaking formula, abracadabra and dark mysterious mumblings are alien to the spirit of true Religion. These are tricks by which man wants to monopolise or gain God.


PEOPLE do not understand the ways of God. How can they know why a particular event takes place at a particular time, in a particular manner? He alone can know. But people try to sit in judgment and talk ill when, for example, someone dies of illness at this place. How can anyone escape death? Even Avatars cast off the physical form when the task for which they have come is over. It is the height of foolishness to lose faith in God, when someone you cared for dies. The sentence, that he earned is over and he is released. No one is born and allowed to live for the sake of another.


I ADVISE you to utilise every moment of your lives in the most beneficial manner, to serve your fellow men to the best of your capacity, to cultivate Love towards all mankind and to give up hate and malice. Believe that your God, the Form that you revere, is in every one and sanctifying every act as worship of that Form.


MONKS are instructed to shave their heads so that they can move about unrecognised by former friends and companions, but now, we find that they desire recognition and even appreciation, adulation and adoration, things that cater to the ego, things they are asked to flee from. A monk should, strictly speaking, eat like a dog and sleep like a fox-that is the popular saying. Eat whatever one gets and appease the hunger; and sleep wherever one finds shelter. Do not store food for another day or build a house wherein to pass one's days. Escape the entangling coils of the senses and of the ego that prompts them.


OF what benefit is the discourse of Mine if you do not receive it into your hearts and act accordingly? I find that all the efforts, all these years to awaken you to your duty are not fructifying in you. You are like the rocks on the seashore that unflinchingly face the beating of the waves. The rock does not move; the wave will not stop. This predicament should end. Awake and avail yourselves of this unique chance.


DRAUPADI moved into the tent and fell at the feet of Bhishma who blessed her spontaneously as was his wont: "May you have many years of married life". Draupadi revealed herself as soon as she was blessed. She prayed that the Pandava Brothers, her husbands, may be saved from arrows. Bhishma guessed that Krishna must be the author of this stratagem. "We are but puppets in His hands", he said; and when he found Krishna at the entrance of the tent, he inquired what the bundle contained. Imagine his dismay when he was told that the Lord had condescended to carry under His arms the sandals worn by His devotee. Have faith in Him; He will never give you up; He will guard and guide you until victory is won. Sincere devotion and unshaken faith can never fail to earn Grace.


IN this Kali Age, the wicked have to be reformed and reconstructed through Love and compassion. That is why this Avatar has come unarmed. It has come with the message of Love. The only weapon which can transform the vile and the vicious is the Name of the Lord uttered with Love.


BEFORE every Incarnation, two collaborators for the task, which causes the incarnation to come, also appear as Mayasakthi and Yogasakthi. Maya comes, as the elder sister, to warn the wicked; Yoga comes, as the elder brother, to enthuse and keep constant company. Maya thrusts Kama deeper and deeper into perdition, so that his downfall will be more terrible.


YOU cannot have this chance of being near to the greatest source of joy in any other place. Here it is so near, so easy to attain and so full of grace. If you fall back, you will seldom get the chance again. Ask and get what will save you, not what will bind you. You ask from Me a thousand things of the World, but rarely do you ask for "Me". That is why I seldom address you as Bhaktas; I usually address you as "Divyatma Swaruplara", for that is your real Swarupa. This Divyatman is Divinity. Though you do not know it, it is a fact. Therefore, I can address you so, with confidence. I can even call you "Divya Divya Swarupalara" but as for Bhakti, it is a quality that will make you desire the Lord and nothing else.


WHEN the pot of milk on the hearth boils over, you pour cold water on it, and it settles down. Durvasa is the example of the pot of milk boiling over; and Narada of the pot of milk that does not. Narada had the Name of the Lord always on the tongue and so the senses did not establish mastery. If you too keep your senses and your wishes in check, you will gain by listening to these talks and by this visit; and I will be happy that you have taken to the path that will give you real strength and joy.


IN the past Ages, Avatars rid the world of evil, by destroying the few fanatics and heroes who wrought it. But now, fanaticism and felony reign in every heart. The number of Asuras or evil men is legion. All are wicked to some extent or other. Therefore, everyone needs correction; and everyone has to be educated and guided into the right path. Every being is a pilgrim destined to reach Madhava and merge in Him; but most people have forgotten the road; they wander like lost children, wasting precious time in the by-paths.


BHAKTI involves dedication with nothing held back; not even a wisp of ego should remain. His command alone counts; His will prevails. Like a drunkard, the Bhakta has no sense of honour or decency, pride or conceit. He is a Matha, as Unmatha, a mad person, unconcerned with all that is unrelated to his ideal. He is deaf to the call of hunger and thirst; he misses steps in logic and he calculates wrongly while dealing in the marketplace.


Kurukshetra must be made a Dharmakshetra. Kurukshetra is the field where brothers fought over a handful of earth; but it must be made a field for the uplift of man through the practice of Dharma. It is for the sake of Jnana that Dharma has been laid down. Bhakti and Karma are the two feet; and, the head is Jnana; walk on with the help of these two.


WHEN the heart is pure, the Lord is revealed, He is the judge. He cannot be bamboozled. The doctor may assure you that you do not have a fever, but the thermometer cannot lie. The doctor may say so in order to save you from panic, but the thermometer declares the truth. God knows and God will deal with you as you deserve. Have that faith. Repent for all the wrongs done and resolve not to repeat the mistake; then God will extend His grace.


YOU are the citizens of no mean land. Bharath is indeed a Divya Bhoomi: a land saturated since the ages with Devotion and dedication to God, the path to God was sought for by even the common folk; and spiritual discipline permeated every activity of life and every detail of daily life. You are the inheritor of a great culture which has survived the onslaughts of alien rule and political suppression.


WHEN someone sitting near you is immersed in sorrow, can you be happy? No! It may be that a that when a baby weeps within hearing range, you will get tears in your eyes in sympathy. Why? There is an unseen bond between the two. Man alone has the quality of sympathy. He alone can be happy when others are happy, and miserable when others are miserable. That is why he is the paragon of creation and the acme of animal advance. Man alone is capable of Seva; that is his special glory and unique skill.


GOOD ideas have to be accepted and bad ones eschewed. Each idea has to be judged in the Supreme Court of Viveka (Intellect). And the ruling has to be treated as inviolable. It is in this context that we have to remind ourselves of the prayer of Gandhiji; "Sabko Sanmathi de Bhagavan", "Oh, God bestow the right understanding on all".


YOU must devote sometime regularly for study and for Sadhana. Now you are wasting time till late at night in clubs and frivolous company. A portion of that time, if spent with God, can confer valuable results. This Motherland has given you a culture that is attracting distracted people from all parts of the world. Be grateful, study the culture and practice the disciplines it lays down. Serve the poor and the helpless and those who eke out their livelihood by hard work.


TODAY, we have factions everywhere at home, between husband and wife, in the school between teacher and the pupil, and in Society between group and group, This is deterioration indeed. Peace and harmony between members of the same family are the foundation for peace in the land. The individual must be at peace with himself. The coordinated effort of all the organs of the body is essential for the healthy life.


FEEL happy that this is your mother country; love of the country is the basis on which you can build love for the World Community. Love expands; it does not limit itself to boundaries. Love your mother tongue; then you will discover that all languages are as sweet as yours, for a language is as sweet as the tongues of the speakers.


DO not preach; practice. In politics, in the field of administration, in schools and colleges, in spiritual institutions, everywhere, we have a surfeit of preachers but a famine of practitioners. Heroes on platforms prove themselves to be Zeros when they descend to the ground. Therefore, demonstrate in your own lives how Love can confer peace and joy; how all faiths lead to the same goal; and how all men are brothers of one another.


THE only Message, the only lesson I can impart to you today is to remind you of the great traditions of Bharath and ask you to spread Love throughout the length and breadth of this great Land. Then, India can again be the spiritual leader of humanity and fill the whole World with Divine Love.


STRIVE to move away from Untruth towards Truth; attempt to acquire knowledge of yourself and of the origin of all selves and thus shed your fundamental ignorance. Move away from the thoughts and anxieties about this body, subject to decay and death, and become aware of the immortal soul which you really are.


WHO is the real resident of the body? You are the positive aspect that is activating the negative aspect, the body. The life-breath repeats Soham, every time you breathe. It means: "I am He, I am God"! What a profound authentic declaration the breath is making every moment of your life while waking, dreaming or in a deep sleep, whether you listen to it or not! If this simple lesson, this Truth which is being dinned all twenty-four hours of the day does not alert you or inform you of your real task, how can you understand your Reality by the mere study of books?


DO not get involved with borrowed ideologies, imported fashions or attitudes or apparels and exciting notions of social behaviour. Youth today is ruined by this fascination for the false. Borrowed ideas cannot fit into the pattern of our Culture. Sanathana Dharma is the Culture that has grown on this soil and is best suited to maintaining peace and joys. You cannot shine in borrowed feathers for long. They can give only temporary delight. So, do not distort or disfigure your culture by limitation or neglect.


I AM neither a Sastravadin or a Budhivadin. I am a Premavadin. So I have no conflict with either the scholar who adheres to texts or the devotee of Reason. Both have their good points as well as their limitations. If you acquire Prema, then you can dispense with the Shastras, for the purpose of all the Shastras is just that: to create the feeling of "Sarvajnana Samaanaprema" equal love for all and to negate egoism which stands in the way.


PILGRIMAGES too are for elevating the heart, sublimating the impulses and leading the lower self to higher levels of thought and action. Reason serves the same purpose, or at least it ought to. Reason seeks to know the unity of the Universe, the origin and goal of it all, the laws that govern the anu and brhath, the microcosm and the macrocosm, and it peeps behind the curtain to get a glimpse of the "Suthradhara", who pulls the strings.


JUST as you tend to the body with food and drink at regular intervals, you must also tend to the needs of the inner Atmic body by regular Japam and Dhyanam and the cultivation of Virtues. Sathsanga, Sath Pravarthana and Sath-Chinthana are all essential for the growth and the health of the inner personality. The body is the Bhavanam of the Bhabaneswara, His Bhuvanam. In so far as you are particular about coffee or tea at regular intervals, be also particular about Dhyanam and Japam at fixed times for the health and liveliness of the spirit.


IT is only when attachment increases that you suffer pain and grief. If you look upon Nature and all created objects with the insight derived from the Inner Vision, then attachment will slide away though the effort will remain. You will also see everything much clearer and with a glory suffused with Divinity and splendour. Close these eyes and open those Inner Eyes and what a grand picture of essential unity you get. Attachment to Nature has limits but the attachment to the Lord that you develop when the Inner Eye opens has no limit. Enjoy that Reality not this false picture. The Lord is the Immanent power in everything.


IT is here in India that there is a mine of Spiritual Wisdom and Spiritual Treasure. The Dharsanas, Upanishads, Gita and the Vedas have to be distributed pure and unsullied, guaranteed in value and quality to eager aspirants everywhere. We have had a succession of Sages and Saints. On account of the teachings and the lives of these people, there is a vast field of spiritual virtue in this Land which needs only a little more care to yield a rich harvest.


YOU must each one try to become ego-less; and then the Lord will accept you as His Flute. Once, when a number of people were asked by Me what they would like to be in the hands of God, I got various answers. Some said the Lotus; some the Sankha; some the Chakra; but no one mentioned the Murali. I would advise you to become the Murali, for then the Lord will come to you, pick you up, put you upon His lips and breathe through you and out of the hollowness of your heart, due to the utter absence of egoism that you have developed, He will create captivating music for all creation to enjoy.


YOU have to carry on certain processes of thought and action in order to get to the hard core of faith that this World is a funny mixture of Sathya and Asathya, which is Mithya in fact. The Divine Life does not admit to the slightest dross in character or delusion in intellect. So, people dedicated to it must emphasise this by precept and example. Wipe out the root causes of anxiety, fear and ignorance. Then only can the true personality of man shine forth. Anxiety is removed by faith in the Lord; the faith that tells you that whatever happens is for the best and that the Lord's will be done.


YOU are all Sath-Chith-Ananda Swarupas; only you are unaware of it and imagine yourself to be this individual or that, and subjected to this limitation or that! This is the myth that must be exploded in order that Divine Life may start. It is the Divine that inspires, activates, leads and fulfills the life of each being, however simple or complex its physical structure may be. From the "Anu" to the "Brahath", every single entity is moving towards the estuary where it merges in the Sea of Bliss.


THE Guru very often tells you that you have forgotten your real name or that you have lost the most precious part of yourself and yet are unaware of the loss. The Guru is the physician for the illness which brings about the suffering of alternate birth and death. He is an adept at the treatment needed for the cure. If you do not get such a Guru, pray to the Lord Himself to show you the way and He will surely come to your rescue.


WHEN the sun is over your head, there will be no shadow; similarly, when faith is steady in your head, it should not cast any shadow of doubt. When man loses his way and strays into the wilderness believing that he is the body, the Gunas or the object, then the Avatar comes to warn and guide. Keep the faith in the Lord undiminished, you can then safely move about in the World. No harm can come to you.


HUSBAND and Wife are like two pieces of Wood, drifting down a flooded river, they float near each other for sometime and, when some current comes between them, they are parted. Each must move on to the sea at its own rate and in its own time. There is no need to grieve over the parting of the two. It is the very nature of Nature that it should be so.


DIVINE family exists in peace and concord. Siva has snakes on His arms, on His head and around His waist. One of His sons, Kumara, rides on a Peacock, which attacks snakes; another rides on a Mouse, which the snakes feed on. One son has the head of an Elephant which whets the appetite of the Lion, which is the vehicle used by Durga, the consort of Siva, who is so inseparable that She is the left half of the body of Siva Himself. Nor is the Lion friendly by nature to the Bull, which Lord Siva Himself has as his vehicle! Siva has Fire on the central part of His Brow, and Water, the River (Ganga), on His head, both incompatible. Imagine how loving and how cooperative the various components have to be to render life on Kailas smooth and happy.


CARRY to every door the name of God and let the clouds be illumined by love and reverence. Let every street in the towns, every village in the State ring with the adoration of the Almighty; every sunrise sing of Rama, Eswara, Sankara, and Krishna. Any Name is effective, provided it is suffused with the Divine Essence. Love the branches, twigs, leaves, flowers and fruits. They may appear to be different in colour, feel, taste, smell, etc. but they all are products of the Earth, drawing sustenance from the Soil and the Sun. Live together in Love; live in Peace; and live in Service.


WHEN clouds gather in the sky, lightning illuminates the clouds; similarly, wisdom must illuminate education. The word of Sai is the path of Truth. Smaller than the smallest atom; bigger than the biggest thing. The Atma is Brahmam; witness of everything, and Brahmam is Atma.


BAMBOO is valued for its form and strength and beauty. Similarly, the real worth of man lies in his intelligence. His intelligence has come to him over many lives and the real value of his Buddhi is to practice Thyaga or renunciation. But the Buddhi is covered by illusion, which is only the real reflection of the Truth. When we throw away the water in the pot, we throw away the reflection of the Sky in it as well. The reflection of Truth in our minds is only the conglomeration of our desires.


THERE are three types of Knowledge: Knowledge of matter energy; Knowledge of mental energy; and Knowledge of cosmic energy. Cosmic energy works in every person in the form of Divine knowledge. Matter, in all form, is only energy. Without atoms, you cannot have any matter; and in the atom, energy is in the form of electron, proton, neutron etc. Energy springs from the structure of the atomic constituents.

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