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1008 Pearls of Sayings of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba
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I HAD to tell you so much about My Truth, for I desire that you should contemplate on this and derive joy from the reform, so that you may be inspired to observe the disciplines laid down by Me and progress towards the Goal of Self-realisation, the Realisation of the Sai that shines in your hearts.


IF each one does his duty in the spirit of dedication, the Light can illumine all, but if the doors of the heart are shut against the Light, how can darkness disappear? You cannot sit back and expect the Incarnation to bring Peace and Joy into you. The Incarnation comes to warn, to guide, to awaken, to lay down the path and shed the light of Love on it. But man has to listen, learn and obey with hope and faith.


THE deer, the elephant, the cow, the horse - these live on Sathvic food and behave in a Sathvic manner. So they are adored and even worshipped by man. Tigers, bears, hyenas and other wild animals are feared by man and are driven by him into the dark recesses of the forests. The wonder is that the wildness, the cruelty and the terror-inflicting attributes of these beasts are developed and exhibited by man himself! Man prides himself as the crown of creation, he declares that he has in him the spark of the Divine. But he ignores it or suppresses it and revels in displaying the qualities of the ferocious beasts of the jungle.


THE ocean is a vast mystery. It is boundless and as old as time. It has in its womb chaotic whirlpools, raging currents, and it has a face with furious moods. No one can hope to sail over it from one shore to another without a sturdy boat of Divine Grace to cross the raging Ocean of this "Samsara" (ever-changing, ever-agitated flow of life). This ocean too is vast and full of mystery; it has its unplumbed depths! It tosses man about from birth to death and again from death to birth.


TO equip oneself with the Ocean-worthy boat of Grace, one has to develop in himself the qualities of Faith and Discipline. One has to clarify and purify the inner Consciousness, the "Chitta". Time is the Gift that God has blessed man with, for this purpose. So man should use it as an instrument for the clarification and the purification. Contemplating the Glories of God, discovering His Presence in Beauty, Goodness and Truth seen anywhere, meditating on His Form, repeating His Name - by these means the process can be made successful.


TO achieve release, man kneels before a million Gods, in frantic pain. If he but blasts the ego within, the goal is reached, he is freed indeed! It is difficult indeed to understand the ego in its depth and devious ways. It is an inert entity; that is to say, it cannot know itself nor can it know others. It has no fear; it will not bend before others; it degrades man from the golden glory, which is his due, to the level of lowly dust.


THE best way to resolve the confusion and conflicts that hamper moral, ethical, material, technological and spiritual progress is for man to live as fully as man ought to and rise to the height of the Divine, that is his Reality. That is the one eternal, universal teaching. The thoughts that the intellect frames, must be reflected as feeling in the mind and translated into action by the hands. Thought, word and deed must be coordinated. They must fulfill one another. The sign of a holy person of Mahatma is "Manasayekam, Vachasyekam, Karmanekam", "One mind, one word, one act".


SATHYA and Dharma go together; they are the two faces of the same coin. "Sathyam-naasthi Paro Dharmah", "There is no Dharma higher than Sathya. Righteousness is built on the foundation of Truth".


WORDS can confer strength; they can drain it off; Words can gain friends; they can turn them into enemies; words can elevate or lower the individual. One must learn the habit of making one's words sweet, soft, and pleasant. A person is judged by his words; words inflict damage in other ways too. Whenever we talk disparagingly, defamingly, sarcastically or hatefully of others, they get recorded on the tape, which is our own mind.


DIAMOND and gold are only material things; man has made them precious. But, man is really the most valuable being on earth. He has recognised his uniqueness and importance for, he declares, "Janthoonaam narajanmam durlabham". In spite of the awareness, man desecrates himself by bartering himself for trivial pleasures.


WE have a feeling that "Ananya Bhakti" consists in surrendering to God, saying "I have no Saviour other than you". We think that simply by declaring "You are mother, you are father, you are friend; you are my saviour, Oh God of Gods", we have surrendered and are practicing "Ananya Bhakti". Real "Ananya Bhakti" comes from deep inquiry into the Reality of the Inner Self.


THE World today is in a very bad state. The situation can improve only through Asthikas, who are believers in Divinity. They should become Prema Swaroopas or Embodiments of Love and by their Sadhana, backed by patience, forbearance and compassion, play their role in serving Society and contributing to the betterment of the World. God is present in you and is visualizing through thousands of eyes what you do. Even when no one is seeing, God is watching your actions always. Do everything with this awareness.


WHEN clouds gather in the sky, lightning appears and illuminates the cloud. Similarly, "Wisdom must illuminate Education". This word of SAI is the path of Truth. Smaller than the smallest atom, bigger than the biggest thing, witness of everything, the Atma is Brahman and Brahman is "Atma".


THERE are three types of knowledge: Knowledge of matter-energy; knowledge of mental energy; and knowledge of cosmic energy. Cosmic energy works in every person in the form of Divine knowledge. Matter in all forms is only Energy. Without atoms, you cannot have any matter, and in the atom, energy has the form of electron, proton, neutron, etc. Energy springs from the structure of the atomic constituents.


MAN does not live by food alone. In fact he lives by the power of the Atma. So you must use your strength of body and mind, wealth and education with intelligence, in order to realise the Power of the Soul. Without discrimination, what is the use of physical strength?


ILLNESS, both physical and mental, is a reaction of the body, caused by poisons in the mind. An uncontaminated mind alone can ensure continuous health. Vice breeds disease. Bad thoughts and habits, bad company and bad food are fertile grounds where disease thrives. "Arogya" and "Ananda" go hand in hand. A sense of elation and exultation keeps the body free from ill health. Evil habits in which men indulge are the chief causes of disease, physical as well as mental. Greed affects the mind; disappointment makes man depressed. Man can justify his existence as man, only by the cultivation of virtues. Then he becomes a worthy candidate for Godhood.


THE God ward path is Karma, based on Dharma. That is the path also towards joy, contentment and, therefore, of strength. Now, the path has become hidden by an overgrowth of briar and bush; the bridges and culverts are in disrepair. People have forgotten the goal, the path and the habit of walking on it. That road is the only refuge; it must be trodden tomorrow, if not today, for the goal lies at the end of that road. It was laid down, centuries ago in the Vedas, beyond the memory of history. "Sathyam Vada", "Dharmam Chara": the Vedas call on you.


MAN is basically, essentially and fully immortal. He is "Amruthaswarupam" yet he is afraid he would die! He is "Anandaswarupa"; yet he weeps that he is miserable. He is Santhiswarupam; yet everywhere he is overlaid with anxiety. This absurd self-deception is the root of the tragedy from which the World suffers today.


ALL Religions exhort man to cleanse the heart of malice, greed, hate and anger. All Religions hold out the gift of Grace as the prize for success in this cleaning process. Ideas of superiority and inferiority arise only in a heart corrupted by egoism. If someone argues that he is higher or that his Religion is holier, it proves that he has missed the significance of his faith.


SACRIFICE, service, sharing in the exaltation of others, and compassion when others suffer grief are virtues that purify and prepare the individual to the arduous task of reaching the Goal. Expand the limited awareness of the individual into the limitless realm of Divine Glory - that has been the call, down the corridors of Time.


FOR each person, there is a Code of Conduct laid down in the Shastras, according to age and status, the profession adopted, the stage of spiritual attainment reached and the goal of life accepted. Do not carp at the behaviour of others or at the efforts they make to get consolation and courage amidst the turmoil of life. For each there is the path that he has chosen and the Name and the Form of God he prefers. Also do not give up your Code of duties and take up that which is recommended for someone else.


DELUSION has to die; then only does the cycle of change end, then only is man liberated from the bonds of birth, life and death. Call it "reaching the Goal", or "Sayujyam" or "Brahmasaakshaathkaaram", or "Aikyaanubandhaanam" or "becoming one with the Infinite" - the Names may differ but the Finish is the same. Every mortal must attain Immortality; for he is "Amruthasya Puthra", a child of Immortality.


IT is much easier to speak the Truth and be done with it. What you have seen or heard or done, speak about these just as you saw or heard or did! And what is Dharma? Practicing what you preach, doing as you practice in life. Earn virtuously; earn piously; live in the fear of God; live for reaching God. That is Dharma.


THE Five Elements have each a characteristic that affects and attracts one of the five senses: Sound (ether) which fascinates the mind through the air; Touch (Air), which draws the mind to itself through the skin; Form (fire), which manipulates the mind in its favour through the eye; Taste (Water), which enslaves the mind through the tongue; and Smell (Earth), which attracts the mind through the nose. Contact with the external world is maintained by the senses, for the sake of these experiences which yield joy or grief.


THE symbol on the Flag at Prasanthi Nilayam is a reminder of this ideal, which you have to put into practice. It is the symbol of Victory, achieved by steady endeavour over the diabolic foes of lust and greed, of envy and hate and of malice and conceit. It is the symbol of the silent state of the Supreme Bliss, won through Self-control and Self-realisation.


THERE is not the slightest trace of self-interest in Me. Whatever I do, whatever paths I pursue, everything is intended for the happiness of all, for the good of all, and for the improvement of all. Not a single action of Mine is undertaken for the satisfaction of My own personal desires. Desire is something alien to Me. All My wishes are only to promote the welfare of the World. "Loka Samastha Sukino Bhavanthu" is the only objective of SAI (May all the World be happy).


SAI'S main purpose is to develop the minds and attitudes of young men on right lines, so that they may work for the progress and welfare of Bharath. Students are the only wealth that I cherish. All My hopes are concentrated on them. To reform them and train them to serve as exemplars of righteousness is Sai's sole resolve.


I DO not have any particular desire with regard to food or any other need. My "Ananda" is My food; and to secure that food I promote happiness in others and derive delight from their joy. That is the significance of My statement, "My Life is My Message". To feel blissful enjoying the happiness which others experience, is a quality of the Divine.


YOU come to know that you are a spark of the Divine Flame. Very soon, you realise that others too are sparks from the self-same fire. How then can hate, anger, envy or greed survive in the Sunlight of the Vision?


CHANGE your Vision and the world will appear accordingly. Let the eye be charged with the Divine, it will see all as God. It is foolish to try to shape the World; shape yourself as the embodiment of Peace, Love and Reverence. Then you will see all as Love, Compassion and Humility.


YOU are the image of the Supreme Atma, the image that is reflected in the body that is part of "Prakriti". Your body is Kith and Kin of all the objects that surround you in nature; your body is an object among so many. The original Divine spirit, the individualized spirit, which is the image and the objective world of which the body is a part - these are the entities called Iswara - Jiva - Prakriti.


IT IS not enough you are at Puttaparthi. You have to engage in Sadhana to win My Sankalpa. You may think that the burden of the consequences of acts done in previous births cannot be easily brushed away; no, they can be destroyed, as a heap of cotton is by a spark of fire. "Jnanagni dagdha karmanam", the speck of Jnana will destroy the effect of Karma in a trice.


DO not jump to conclusions, abdicating your discrimination and do not deny the validity of your own experience. Stand on your strength. Be unmoved, either by adulation or denigration. Follow My lead. I am unaffected by either; I march on alone, undeterred and of My own accord. I am My own Guide and Witness; have full faith in this.


TODAY, man dabbles in Yoga (devotional practices) in the morning hours; revels in Bhoga (festivity and luxury, catering to the senses) during the day; and tosses about in roga (disease) during the night! Bhakti is not to be "performed" during certain periods every day and superseded by other fashionable attractions. Bhakthi is a constant, continuous bent of mind, a habit of thought and a way of life. It must be loyally adhered to, whatever may happen - dishonour, distress, despair, deprivation, pleasure, prosperity, power and pomp.


MAN seeks joy in far off places and peace in quiet spots; but the spring of joy is in his heart; the haven of peace is in himself. Even when he walks on the Moon, man has to take with him, his fears, his anxieties, his prejudices and his pet aversions. Have faith in God and in the correctness of moral living. Then you can have peace and joy, whatever may be the fare that fortune offers you.


THE parents gave you this body and fostered the intelligence and love that are embedded in it; so gratitude is their due. If you do not honour the parents who are the creators in human form, how can you learn to honour the Creator in Divine Form? Moreover, the parents reveal to you the glory of God and the means of worshipping Him; they are the first representatives of authority which you meet with, authority modified by love and care. Learn to bend before that authority; and you will learn how to submit to the Lord.


POEMS, that deal with the fundamental problems of life and death, truth and delusion, and virtue and vice, will last for centuries and will help man at all times. Problems of exterior living change and get changed. So when poems deal with them, they are short-lived. "Prakriti" and "Paramathma", Creation and Creator are like two halves of a pulse: and seedling sprouts from between them.


YOU have it in your power to make your days on Earth a path of flowers, instead of thorns. Recognise the Sai Resident in every heart and all will be smoothness, softness and sweetness for you. Sai will be the fountain of Love in your heart and in the hearts of all with whom you come in contact. Know that Sai is Omnipresent and that He is present in you and every living being. Adore everyone as you adore Sai.


THE span of life allotted to man is very short; the World in which he lives is very wide; time extends far behind and far beyond. What little man has to accomplish must be done quickly, at the place that is assigned to him and within the time that is allotted to him. And, man has such a formidable task before him; it is to fulfill it that he has come as man, exchanging for this human habitat all the merit he has acquired during many past lives. The task is no less than the manifestation of the Divinity latent in man.


RISE up to the Divine, don't bring down Godhead to your human and even animal levels. Do not worship God as the picture before you, but worship the picture before you as God, because God is in everything and can be grasped through every single symbol. There is nothing wherein He is not; there is no might or right, apart from Him.


SNAKES hiss; pigs grunt; and bulls moo! They are asserting their ego, intent on keeping others away. Of the traits of ego, pride is the most poisonous. But the pride of the scholar and the vanity of Pundits are so thick that it is impossible for them to get rid of these.


GOD is the vastest among the vast, minutest among the minute. Yet, God has no ego. How then can man, who has no claim to even the tiniest glory, parade himself as great? It is really a ridiculous pose. The egoist ignores the source which can bring respect to him. He loses the chance of developing his skills and talents on the right lines.

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