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Universal Tactics

I feel that it is the duty of good people to be as strong and powerful as possible. The table below shows an approximation of the Universal Matrix of Tactics. All the military and competitive strategies are contained within it. By it's study and contemplation one may become a master strategist.

"Is there a law against being stronger than your enemy? Is there anything to forbid you from picking up your aggressor by the scruff of his neck and asking him, ‘do you want me to smash you to the ground?’ If you did this he would soon see how strong you were. And then, if you put him gently on his feet again instead of throwing him violently to the ground, he would begin to respect you. Would this not be much better than always allowing yourself to be defeated and ill-treated? You must be stronger than your enemies, capable with a single word, gesture, or glance, of paralysing them and making them feel so small and vulnerable that they beat a retreat. If you cannot be a winner on the physical plane, you can at least try to be a winner on the mental plane. Would this not be far better than allowing dishonest, cruel, evil people to destroy you?"

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Research Intervention Delay Diplomacy Agility
Departing Training Attack Pre-emptive Strike Surrender
During Battle Pre-Battle Arriving Decoy Events
Toughness Evasion Moral Defeat Trap
Accuracy Ambush Positioning Escape Strength
Blind Media Visibility Surprise Allys
Victory Counter-Attack Misinformation Appearance Enemies
Resting Rescue Traitor Speed Sacrifice
Terrain Observation Tire Enemy Feint Injury
Confuse Retreat Camouflage Spy Endurance

The ideal table would mirror the deep conceptual structure of reality. It would have no concepts missing, no redundant concepts and they would be grouped intelligently. Even though the above table lacks these fine characteristics it is still a useful tool.

Each concept has a relationship with each of the others. By systematically analyzing these relationships in relation to possible situations no obvious or not so obvious tactic will be missed by the vagaries of the human mind.

For example when studying the concept of Morale one examines its relationship with each of the other concepts. How is enemy Morale effected by your Appearance, by the Terrain or their diminishing Endurance? These type of questions will allow you to detect any weaknesses in your performance. Once detected focus deeply on ways to improve in that area.

Polishing the Mirror

It can be clearly seen that the above table is a warped and dirty mirror. Take it as a reference point only and try to clean it up. The techniques to do so are outlined in my ebook "Inner Medicine". Let me know how you get on.

You are here: Home location Universal Tactics and Self Defence location Universal Tactics

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