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Are Your Vices Costing You Money?

What percentage of your monthly out goings are caused by vices/character weaknesses? Are character flaws within yourself responsible for unhealthy and costly habits?

Bad habits can be overcome, character flaws can be resolved if you are willing to put the effort in. The techniques in my free book Inner Medicine are designed to liberate you from bad habits and replace character weaknesses with virtue strength.

If you want to experience financial security then give up smoking, unsuccessful gambling, drinking too much and over indulgence on eating out and take aways. Each habit has no power within itself-only the power that you project on to it with your self limiting arguements and excuses. Simply stop making excuses and stop the unhelpful activity. Resist the temptation to keep moving the "give up" event into the future which does not exist. For example if you tell yourself that you will give up smoking in 2 weeks time then what you are really saying is that you will definitely not try to give up-you will definitely carry on smoking for the next 2 weeks! Madness!

It is not really freedom to choose to indulge in a bad habit. The habit itself is a slavery so the real freedom is to renounce the habit. Meditate on the concept of true freedom, give up costly emotional crutches, praise sobriety, give up false beliefs about unnecessary consumerism then you will experience true comfort.

Even charitable giving can be a vice if the motives are based on ego and fear. Heal your understanding of charity. Give up unnecessary giving. Do not allow yourself the vanity of false guilt. Allow your giving to be beautiful and natural. Strengthen yourself against aggressive and passive aggressive begging. Then you will have more to give those who genuinely deserve it. Give from a position of strength and abundance not weakness and poverty. Love generosity and prudence equally well.

The less money that leaks away from you due to inner weaknesses, the more money you will have for emergencies and for investing in ways that can earn you more money. When evaluating the costs of your bad habit do not work out the value too low. Have you considered the hidden costs of the habit? Bad habits cost you not only in terms of money but also in lost opportunities, your valuable time and in self esteem.

Focus on the seed ideas in this article to break free of behavioral leeches and put your life on a firm foundation of virtue. Then you can build financial security and inner peace.

You are here: Home location Financial Freedom location Are Your Vices Costing You Money?

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