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Zen Buddhism and VirtueScience

Welcome Zen Buddhist.

There are many in this world who call themselves Zen Buddhist-many different levels and types of Buddhist.

To the true Zen Buddhist the Buddha is the very embodyment of virtue and goodness. To know and love Buddha is to sanctify and enrich their lives.

It follows then that to increase our love and knowledge of the virtues is to better know and love Buddha.

Take a look at your own life now. Are there any persistant faults that have plagued you for as long as you can rememember? Faults that have caused a lot of conflict and criticism fom others maybe? If you dont feel ready to atain enlightenment in this present life wouldnt it be something to at least dissolve away a few stubbon character flaws? Wouldnt you like to give your future life the gift of a healthy balanced character? You can achieve this and a lot more if you apply yourself to the new Science of Virtue. Is it not the "Middle Way" of the Buddha?

The way of Zen is to give up personal bias caused by particular past experience and attain to the Universal. The techniques in "Inner Medicine" can help. The nondual state is identical to being at one with the Virtue Matrix which is beyond opposite. A deep knowledge of the Virtues burns away all false gates so only the Gateless Gate remains.

Regarding the exercises the Zen Buddhist has certain advantages over other people. Simply this: when studying they can ask the Buddha to help them study. When performing the exercises, the power of the Buddha can be called apon to bless and uplift them. Furthermore the Zen Buddhist has the best of role models to aspire towards: the Buddha and Bodhidharma themselves!

A Confession.

Inner medicine could be a lot better! It merely represents distorted fragments of the Universal Truths which mere man can never express fully with written word.

A Further Confession!

You do not need "Inner Medicine" to be a good Zen Buddhist. However if you accept this "Inner Medicine" in the spirit in which it is intended I trust that you will find it of great help and a faithful friend in your quest to become a true Zen Buddhist.

You are here: Home location Character Improvement locationYour Beliefs locationZen Buddhism and VirtueScience
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