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The 4 Binary Permutations

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The 4 permutations are the base 2 expansions of the three base 3 permutations. They are as a whole identical to the Tetragrammaton: the Holy fourfold name.


The 12 permutations of the name are said to correspond with the 12 astrological star signs. I have more or less arbitarily used letter R for yang,yang. Letter M for yin,yin and letter A for yin/yang and yang/yin. I have used the Golden Dawn correspondences for the star sign/holy name relationship though not without my own analysis. It seems there is an innate pattern/logic to it.

Zodiac Colour Correspondences

The above diagram can only be an approximation of the one which I wanted to show you.

The center point of the circle should be pure white light slowly/smoothly picking up colour as the radius increases reaching pure colour at the mid point and then slowly/smoothly darkening to an outer circle of darkest black.

Likewise the frequency should progress from pure red at the exact nadir of the mid colour circle, slowly/smoothly upwards in frequency on the left of the diagram to pure voilet at the exact apex of the mid colour circle and down again through each pure colour point back to the pure red nadir and so on.

Thus the true diagram contains all colours and hues.

The apex corresponds with the summer solstice, noon and the highest energy point in any cycle therefore its colour should be violet for that is the highest frequency colour in our system.

Similarily the nadir corresponds with the winter solstice , midnight and the lowest energy point in any cycle. Therefore its colour should be red for that is the lowest frequency colour in our system.

The 2 mid points correspond with the equinoxes, dawn and dusk and the mid energy point in any cycle therefore their colour should be green as that is the mid frequency colour in our system.

I feel that any magical/spiritual colour system which ignores the frequency levels of the colour is lacking.

Latency moves the actual energy level clock wise by a number of degrees so for example the hottest part of the year will not be the summer solstice but a few weeks later when the earth has warmed up.

In the light of VirtueScience the virtues and vices traditionally atributed to the various star signs and planetary configurations, whilst maybe containing fragments of truth, are certainly lacking the rigours of conceptual science. This is also true of the life situations described.

Astrologically I would say that which ever part of our nature resides near the white center point is balanced and in harmony-this means that we love and accept all parts of it.

If our personality is dominated by traits from one sign it means that we are rejecting the energies from the opposite sign. The proper thing to do is to perform various exercises to bring ourselves back into balance.

What ever unharmonious angles and lobsided energies we incarnate with is reflected, by the laws of correspondence, in our horoscopes. This should not be seen as our unchanging mould or used as an excuse to continue acting/feeling badly. On the contrary it is a useful guide to how best to remedy the situation.

There is more to this diagram some of which I have gleaned from other sources and my own research whilst no doubt the greater part remains hidden. If you have any contributions/questions then I will be pleased to hear from you.

You are here: Home location Esoteric Wisdom location The 4 Binary Permutations

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