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Positive Words

by Dawn Engel

Abiding Able Abstinence Acceptance Accomplished Accountable Achieving Acknowledging Acquiescent Active Adoring Advanced Affectionate Affirming Aglow Agreeable Alert Alive Altruistic Ambitious Amenable Amusing Angelic Appealing Appreciative Approachable Approving Aspiring Assertive Assisting Assured Attentive Attractive Awake Aware Balanced Beautiful Believing Benevolent Bestowing Blameless Blessed Bold Boundaries Bountiful Bravery Calm Capable Careful Caring Caution Certain Charitable Charming Chaste Cheerful Clean Clear Comforting Commendable Committed Compassionate Composed Concerned Confident Confirming Conscientious Considerate Consoling Contemplative Content Contributing Controlled Co-operative Correct Courageous Courteous Creative Cultured Curiosity Daring Decent Dedicated Deliberate Delicate Decisive Delightful Detached Determination Devotion Devout Dignified Diligent Discerning Disciplined Discretion Discriminating Distinctive Distinguished Dutiful Dynamic Eager Earnest Educated Effective Efficient Eloquent Empathy Empowering Encouraging Energetic Enkindled Enlightened Enriched Enterprising Enthusiastic Equitable Excelling Exciting Fair Faithful Fearless Fidelity Firm Flexible Focused Forbearing Forceful Foresighted Forgiving Fortitude Free Fresh Friendly Fruitful Fulfilled Generous Gentle Gifted Giving Glad Glorious Goal-oriented Graceful Gracious Grateful Growing Happy Hardy Harmless Harmonious Healing Helpful Honest Honorable Hopeful Hospitable Humane Humble Humor Idealistic Illuminated Illustrious Imaginative Impartial Important Improving Independent Individual Industrious Innocent Integrity Intelligent Interdependent Interested Intimate Intuitive Involved Joyful Just Kind Knowing Knowledgeable Learned Lenient Lively Lofty Logical Loving Lowly Loyal Lucid Magnanimous Majestic Masterful Matchless Mature Meaningful Meek Merciful Mighty Ministering Model Moderate Modest Moral Motivated Mover Mystical Noble Notable Nourishing Nurturing Obedient Objective Observant Open Optimistic Orderly Organized Original Passionate Patient Peaceful Penitent Perceptive Persevering Persistent Pious Pleasing Polite Positive Potent Powerful Practical Prayerful Prepared Productive Progressive Proper Protective Proud Provider Prudent Pure Purposeful Qualified Quiet Questioning Radiant Rational Reasonable Receptive Refined Reflective Relaxed Reliable Religious Renown Repentant Resigned Respectful Responsible Responsive Restrained Revealing Reverent Righteous Sacrificial Sanctified Satisfied Searching Seeker Seemly Sensitive Service-oriented Simplicity Sincere Sobriety Spiritual Spontaneous Steadfast Strength Striving Submissive Successful Supportive Sympathetic Tactful Temperate Tenacious Tender Thankful Thoughtful Thriving Tolerant Toughness Tranquil Trusting Trustworthy Truthful Unconcerned Understanding Unfailing Unrestrained Unselfish Uplifting Valiant Victorious Vigilant Virtuous Visionary Vital Volitional Warm Well Wholesome Wisdom Wonderful

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You are here: Index location Character Improvement location Positive Words

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Positive Words, Powerful Results: Simple Ways to Honor, Affirm, and Celebrate Life
by Hal UrbanSearch for Hal Urban
$0.01 new/used

Although we live in an ocean of words, we rarely acknowledge their power to uplift or put down, to inspire or discourage, to help or hurt. But in this jewel of a book, Hal Urban -- parent, award-winning teacher, and author of the classic Life's Greatest Lessons -- shows us simple and immediate ways that we can use language to change lives -- both our own and those around us.
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WORDS: The Power Behind Your Future
by Micki ToddSearch for Micki Todd

The spoke word is incredibly creative. As human beings, created in the image of God, we have the ability to create with our words--just like Him. However, in this fallen world we live in, we have a choice to make: speak positive or negative words. This book will show you how to turn your life around through the power of your words and the Word of God!
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Positive Words That Will Enrich Your Mind and Soul
by Elena D. CalinSearch for Elena D. Calin

I feel so happy and proud to release this book to the entire world. The book is based on my researches about positive words from more than two years. I have published my researches through Positive Words Research. In my work, I have created the best list of positive words on the internet. When you search positive words in Google my list tops first. This book is a reference book with the purpose to increase the knowledge about positive words in the awareness of a person. The more positive words you have included in your awareness (positive words that you understand) the more you can choose from and, therefore, the more you will control your mind, your vibration and your destiny. The book enriches in multiple and particular ways the mind and soul of every individual that studies and researches these words. All the revenues from selling this book will be used to invest in my projects about positive words. Feel free to contact me. You can use the contact details in the book or insert "positive words" in google, find the list of positive words from Positive Words Research and, therefore, find me.
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The Game of Life Affirmation & Inspiration Cards
by Florence Scovel-ShinnSearch for Florence Scovel-Shinn
$10.35 new/used

Boxed set of 52 durable cards.
Affirmation & Inspiration Cards Based on the Best-Selling Success and Self-Help Text The Game of Life & How to Play It: Adapted by Marie Haddad

For more than three generations, The Game of Life & How to Play It has been an immensely popular manual of simple, easy-to-use ideas and techniques illustrated with fascinating and entertaining real-life examples that demonstrate how the power of your word can make your dreams come true. With these powerful cards, you can now keep the positive words of The Game of Life with you everyday as you set your course to success. Each card is a prompter and reminder, affirming the good you will make happen in your experience.
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31 Positive Communication Skills Devotional for Women: Encouraging Words to Help You Speak Your Truth with Confidence
by Christy LargentSearch for Christy Largent
$5.61 new/used

Are you tired of communication mix-ups? Do you wish you could speak easily with confidence and style? Christy Largent has learned that positive communication works! In fact, there are specific ways you can improve your communication skills so that you can get the results you want. In the devotional 31 Positive Communication Skills for Women, you will find christian devotionals packed with encouraging words to help you: ? Strengthen your interpersonal communication style in order to convey your authentic message every time ? Establish business communication strategies that will help you be taken seriously and professionally ? Handle difficult conversations with skill, finesse and perfect timing ? Avoid communication sabotage ? Stop being misunderstood and start communicating with confidence
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Positive Thinking: How One Word Can Change Your Life: Learning and Maximizing the Power of Positive Thinking, a QUICK & SIMPLE Guide
by Jack Hendryk HaddockSearch for Jack Hendryk Haddock

The Definitive Guide to Positive Thinking

There are many secrets to living a positive life that almost never get mentioned in NLP or success books. Some of those secrets include:

? How just one word can change your personal and professional life (the word we talk about is NOT ?Thank you?)
? How to remove negative thoughts - for good!
? How to maximize your positive thinking to boost your happiness, health and success effortlessly
And much, much more!

This book is written to give you the tools, lines, and actions you need to take to immediately have a different outlook on life. This book was also written to give you the power you need to make the changes you want to lead the dream life you always dreamed of living. For those who are truly serious about learning the power of positive thinking, this book is for you!

7 Reasons to Buy This Book

In 7 short chapters your questions about Positive Thinking will be answered. You will learn:

? The mind blowing power of positive thinking
? The laws of excellence
? The permanent benefits of positive energy
? The top reasons why goals fail
? An almost foolproof way to set and achieve ALL of your life goals (important rules for successful goal setting)
? What anchoring thoughts are and how to apply them
? How to live a much happier life through positivity
? How to use rapport correctly to build excellent relationships

So what are you waiting for? TAKE ACTION. Click the buy button and change your life today.
By applying these tools and tricks, you can dramatically improve your personal and professional life in unexpected ways! It will be easy to gain satisfaction, success, inner peace, improved relationships, better health and happiness?

Want to Know More?

Download your copy right now.
Just Scroll to the top of the page and select the Buy Button.

Tags: Positive Thinking, Positive Energy, The law of attraction, The law of excellence, Smart goal setting, Build rapport, excellent relationships, Success, Happiness, Inspiration, Motivation

Don't have kindle? No worries! Read it on PC, Mac, Tablet, Or Smartphone.

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Positive Thoughts For A Positive Attitude: A Collection of Best Facebook quotes, Inspirational Words, Daily Declarations, Motivational Sayings, and Spiritual Devotions (Spiritual Self Help)
by Lynn R DavisSearch for Lynn R Davis

This is your year to change your life and begin facing your days with a more positive attitude. This latest work, Positive Thoughts for A Positive Attitude, is just what the title says. It's a collection. I have compiled my favorite inspirational quotes from books, mailings, social media and conversations with friends. I've also included devotions from previously published books, blog posts, and newsletters. My hope is that it will inspire you to think positive and abandon any negative self-talk that may be keeping you from reaching your goals and experiencing the best life that God has planned for you. God bless. (9444 words)
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Positive Quotes for Everyday
$0.03 new/used

Positive Quotes for Every Day is a 384-page inspirational collection of memorable quotations from some of the world's most thoughtful, creative people. The book contains an inspirational quote for each day of the year, followed by a reflection and a suggestion or action step to help readers apply the quote to their daily lives.

Positive Quotes for Every Day
addresses many circumstances and emotions, from dealing with grief to handling disappointment to finding joy in little things. Here is a list of some of the writers, politicians, activists, poets, inventors, athletes, and celebrities whose quotes are featured in the book:

  • Mark Twain
  • Mohandas Gandhi
  • Booker T. Washington
  • William Shakespeare
  • Mother Theresa
  • Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Thomas Edison
  • Michael Jordan
  • Theodore Roosevelt
  • Mae West

Positive Quotes for Every Day has an attached satin ribbon bookmark and a flexible cover. The book measures 51/2 x 81/4 inches-small enough to carry along wherever you go and gain inspiration when you need it.

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Positive Word Power: Building a Better World With the Words You Speak, The Torah's Wisdom on Human Interaction (Artscroll)
by Chana NestlebaumSearch for Chana Nestlebaum
$16.86 new/used

Talk is NOT cheap. Words are our most valuable - and most powerful - assets. Through words, we can forge or tear down relationships, inspire or demean our children, spouses, or friends, offer comfort or inflict pain. Through words, we can create an atmosphere of harmony or discord, contentment or conflict, blessing or, Heaven forbid, its opposite. Controlling and properly channeling our words can seem as impossible as stopping a rushing river. But the Torah teaches us that we can control what we say. The Chofetz Chaim taught us how to incorporate the laws of shmiras haloshon into our daily lives. Positive Word Power, based on Rabbi Zelig Pliskin's classic The Power of Words, focuses on ona'as devarim, -- the hurtful speech we all too often use in our direct, daily interaction with others. This original work examines dozens of true-life situations in which the wrong words can wound people, damage friendships and ignite hostility. More importantly, it offers concise, practical strategies for controlling destructive speech and for communicating with others in ways that nurture and build. Just as our acclaimed bestseller, The Chofetz Chaim: A Daily Companion, is showing tens of thousands around the world how to tap into the profound wisdom of the Chofetz Chaim through a simple daily program, designed to help us avoid negative speech about others, Positive Word Power aims to awaken and sensitize us to the critical importance of being careful how we speak to others. This is a book that will enrich and, ultimately, transform your relationships and your life.
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Carson Dellosa Positive Words Motivational Stickers (0625)
$0.44 new/used

Positive Words stickers are a small, fun way to brighten a student's day. Perfect for reward or recognition, these 1" x 1" motivational stickers come 120 per pack and are acid free and lignin free!
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