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The purpose of this section is to discover unexpected connections between various material and occult phenomena. A great resource for mathematicians. Notable Events for over 2000 years of history: Discover unusual synchronicities in World History. 2500 plus pages.
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Baculum: A witch's wand.

Balefire: A ritual fire, kindled without the use of metals.

Ban: To inhibit something, or to magically curse.

Bane: Used to denote destructive qualities, or to kill; used often in the folk names of herbs; for example wolfsbane, henbane.

Banish: To excommunicate someone or an energy. The opposite of invoking.

Beltane: April 31st. A Pagan festival welcoming the Spring, love, and the marriage of the Wiccan God and Goddess. Also called May Eve and Walpurgistnacht.

Besom: A witch's broom. Used to magically sweep away negativity from a magical ritual site.

Bind: To cast a spell on someone, also to magically restrain a person from doing something.

Boline: A Boline is a sickle-shaped magical tool. Also, a white-hilted consecrated knife which is used to collect herbs or do magical cutting or engraving. Also spelled bolline.

Book of Shadows:A secret journal of spells, rituals, recipes etc. kept by a witch usually in their own handriting.

Bravery: A quality of spirit that enables you to face danger of pain without showing fear.

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