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Dictionary: Z

Zabuton: In Zen Buddhism: Flat, black mat upon which a zafu is placed.

Zafu: In Zen Buddhism: LIT. SITTING CUSHION. Round, black cushion used for zazen.

Zagu: In Zen Buddhism: Foldable cloth mat upon which monks and nuns do their bows.

Zazen: In Zen Buddhism: literally means "sitting absorbtion". The most concentrative meditational form of zen practice.

Zazenkai: In Zen Buddhism: A one-day retreat.

Zen: A school of Buddhism originating with Bodhidharma. "A special transmission outside the scriptures; No dependence upon words and letters; Direct pointing at the soul [inner being] of man; Seeing into one's nature and the attainment of Buddhahood."

Zendo: In Zen Buddhism: The meditation hall.

Zombies: Certain compounds known to Voodoo priests cause the victim to fall into a zombified state. This is often done in conjunction with black magick rituals.

Zoroastrianism: One of the world's oldest monotheistic religions. The prophet Zarathushtra, commonly known in the West as Zoroaster, the Greek version of his name, came to reform ancient Aryan/ Indo-Iranian religious practices (some of which were parallel to the Vedic religion of ancient northern India.

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