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Walspurgistnacht: See Beltane.

Wand: A magically charged stick used to summon beneficial spirits where the Athame would be inappropriate.

Warlock: "Oathbreaker" in the Scots dialect. Applied to a male witch in the time of the Protestant reformation. May possibly have come from "warrock" or "warrick" - Scots dialect for "to bind", and referring to the male witch who bound the candidate in preparation for her initiation.

Wicca: Old English word for "Male Witch"; ancestor of the present word witch, also spelled wych, wycche, wyth, vytch, etc. Originally pronounced "wich'-uh". In modern use, the Religion of Witchcraft, pronounced "wik'uh".

Wicce: Old English for a female witch. Pronounced "wich'-eh".

Widdershins: Anti-sunwise; counter-clockwise.

Witch: Initiated male or female member of the Old Religion; a practioner of Witchcraft.

Wizard: A practitioner of Magic, usually male. Not a Witch. The word Wizard comes from the Old English Wysart, meaning Wise One.

Wraith: An old term sometimes used to denote the Astral Body, when seen as an apparition of a living person, or a ghost.

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