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Introducing the International Academy of Happiness

by Anna Maria


2005 is the year of the Child, in the epoch of Aquarius!!!

Do you want your family and children to be happy? Do you want them to be healthy and successful?

2005 was named: "year of the child" by Siberian shamans. -

We live in a unique time, a time of changes, where self-consciousness awakens to mankind, pushing humanity towards a new level.

In the 1990s, scientists proved that a new level of mind appeared on Earth, creating unusual children who have extraordinary inner powers. They were born with miraculous intellectual gifts: prediction, clairvoyance, intuition and telekinesis. Wether we noticed or not yet, but our children have genes of geniuses: they are the "Indigo Children"!

Born with superior minds, Indigo Children feel there is a gap between themselves and their parents. They need to be understood and raised in a manner that develops their talents while bridging this gap in order to avoid potential unproductive conflicts.

For the first time, a unique set of seminars is offered by the of International Academy of Golden Altai to help parents better understand their children and develop their talents.

SUBJECT OF THE SEMINARS: " How to handle our Indigo Kids"

TARGET AUDIENCE: Psychologists, Teachers, Parents and future parents.

Learning the art of up bringing will help you better understand your children and help them develop super abilities: clairvoyance, telepathy, intuition, logic, memory and prepare them for a happy and balanced life. The seminar will also correct common raising mistakes that are sometimes the source of family conflicts. This seminar is a condensed training based on thousands of years of knowledge and vulgarized for the first time to the West by Siberian Shamans.

On these meetings you'll find out how to give happiness to your child, you'll learn and will be able to pass it to your children and use this knowledge in your everyday life

• how to prepare to making of a healthy and ingenious child?
• how to give birth to a healthy and ingenious child ?
• how to bring a child up in a right way?
• how to discover talents and genius of a child?
• how to chose profession for a child?
• how to create destiny of a child?
• how to help to a child to find his second half?
• what kind of person a happy child should be?
• do I wish happiness to my child in a right way?
• what a child needs to get happiness?
• sexual up bringing of children
• what kind of people the children of the epoch of Aquarius are?
• why children have illnesses?
• why children steal?
• why children take drugs?
• why children can not make acquaintances?
The training consists of three steps at the first level:

1st step: basic training
consists of series of lessons devoted creating happy family and up bringing of healthy posterity. It's a theoretic course that includes the following subjects:
Creation of harmonious happy family:
• how to find an ideal partner
• Harmonisation of family relationship.
Genius of a child:
• Indigo children
• how to prepare to making a genius (psychological preparation, programming of features of the character of the future child, program οπξγπΰμμΰ «Anti stress», right feeding, power of positive emotions)
• astrological time of creating and giving birth to a genius (how to "get support from the stars", to attract light soul of a child)
• pregnancy - how to bring up strong personality before birthday
• system of up bringing and development of talents of your child

2nd step: Regional seminar in your country (practical course):
• how to find your in life an ideal which is genetically matches to you, so you will have ingenius children
• how to get rid of in confidence, complexes and fears, that prevents from finding your second half or destroy harmony of your family
• how to learn to attract attention of men or women with help of psychological or mystical ways for creation of happy family.
• how to prepare to making of a healthy and ingenious child
• how to chose the best time for creating Indigo child
• how to give birth to a healthy and ingenious child
• how to bring a child up in a right way
• how to discover talents and genius of a child
• how to help to a child to find his second half
• how to chose profession for a child

3rd step:international conference in Altai
• In sanctuary places of Altai a Sacred wisdom of spiritual birth and development of your darling child will be discovered to you. You will be able to get blessing of the Saint Person to help you to give birth to a genius, to discover the mystery of meaning of your life. Destiny of you child will be discovered for you, his abilities and talents.
• Take a photo of your partner and on consultation you will be able to find out about your psychological energetically and astrological match with your partner.

For more information E-Mail:

May be you will want your friends also to get this great happiness - to discover with whom how and at what time they can create, give birth and bring up a healthy talented clever kind child! Send this invitation to them and they will thank you not once.

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