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Ear Candling: "Ear candling," refers to various procedures that involve placing a cone-shaped device in the ear canal and extracting earwax and other impurities with the help of smoke or a burning wick. The origins of candling are obscure. Ancient Tibet, China, Egypt, the pre-Columbian Americas, and even Atlantis are cited as possible contributors. The procedures create a low-level vacuum that draws wax and other debris out of the ear canal.

Elemental: Nature spirit of one of the four elements.

Elements: The four basic manifestations of matter; Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Some include a fifth element; Spirit or Ether.

Elf Fire: Fire used to light a Balefire; produced without the use of metals. Also called needfire.

Enchantment: Magick act of bewitching or casting a spell upon someone or something.

Esbat: Pagan ritual meeting at the time of the full or new moon.

E.S.P.: Abbreviation for Extra Sensory Perception.

Ethics: The Study or the science of Morals.

Evil Eye: Laying a curse upon a person by looking at them.

Evocation: A magical demand that some spirit appear.

Exorcism: Magical purifying operation; also, a ritual to drive out evil spirits.

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