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Welcome to Please Search using the box above or browse the main topics. You have my personal invite to post messages in the new Forums. Best Wishes, James
Welcome to Please Search using the box above or browse the main topics. You have my personal invite to post messages in the new Forums. Best Wishes, James
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Sabbats: Pagan's meeting at the times of the eight Festivals; the quarter and cross-quarter days.

Samhain: October 31st. One of the eight Pagan great festivals. Also called All Hallows Eve, Feast of the Dead. A time to remember and honor those who have passed, and to celebrate the beginning of the dark half of the year.

Scry: The practice of divination by gazing into a crystal ball, or black mirror.

Seal: Symbolic representation of an entity, physical or non-physical.

Sensitivity: Heightened awareness of oneself and others within the context of social and personal relationships.

Servitor: An assistant or servant, although in the magical world, the servitor is not usually held against it's will. A semi-permanent thoughtform created by a magical practitioner that helps them achieve their goals.

Siderite: Lodestone (magnet or meteorite).

Sigil: Old word for Seal.

Simplicity: Straightforward; not complex or complicated. Unpretentious.

Sincerity: Free from pretense or deceit in manner or actions.

Sobriety: Serious, solemn and calm. Free from intoxication.

Solitary: A witch who practices magick without belonging to a coven.

Spell: A way of working magick to make things happen.

Spontaneity: Natural, not planned.

Stang: Pagan staff, forked at one end. Represents the World Tree and the Horned God.

Steadfastness: Firm, resolute; determinedly unwavering.

Stength: Capable of exerting great force.

Summerland: Paradise that is the land between lives where the soul can rest between incarnations.

Summoner: The male assistant to the High Priest, and gatekeeper and guardian of the Coven.

Sword: Used to refer to any magical sword used by a Pagan, Witch, or Magician, in conjuration or Ceremonial work.

Sympathetic Magic: Magic that makes use of the rule that anything owned or used by a person retains a magical link to him even when separated from that person. Or performing symbolically what you would like the outcome of the magic to be.

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