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Pact: A binding oath of the written type between a Pagan and their Coven/Grove.

Pagan: From the Latin word Paganus,meaning a "country dweller". A follower of a polytheistic religion.

Paradox: two facts/situations are opposite or contradictory, and a link between them can seem absurd, yet both can sometimes be true at the same time, or can follow one upon the other.

Patience: The ability to endure delay, trouble, pain or hardship.

Peace: Freedom from mental agitation; serenity.

Pentacle: A five-pointed star, representing the five elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, & Spirit. The term pentacle can also refer to a plate used in magical ceremonies with the five-pointed star painted or engeraved upon it.

Penatgram: The symbol of the five-pointed star within a circle. It stands for various things, among them the five elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, & Spirit), and man. It can be drawn upon the air with energy, or upon objects. It is commonly used in its various forms to banish, purify, invoke, or protect.

Philosophy: The search for truth and knowledge concerning the universe, human existence, perception and behaviour, persued by means of reflection, reasoning and arguement. Literally the love of wisdom.

Polytheism: Belief or worship of more than one god.

Poppet: A doll made of clay, wax, wood, or even cloth to represent someone for the use of spellcasting.

Prana: A name for the life force.

Prudence: Wise or careful in conduct. Shrewd or thrifty in planning ahead.

Psychometry: Reading energy vibrations by holding an object.

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